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Shakira of Kurdistan’s Life Story A Beacon Of Hope In The Midst Of The Migrant Crisis

Dashni Morad

Dashni Morad is an international star hailing from Kurdistan. Her life story would challenge even the most dramatic and suspense-ridden books and movies in history.

This singer spent the better part of her childhood as a refugee. She has stared in the face of tragedy, faced political and military upheaval, been around the world and came back stronger for it.

Shakira of kurdistan

Dubbed the Shakira of Kurdistan, she was born on New Year’s Day, 1986 in the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah. Her hometown is located in the Kurdish region of Iraq. This region is one of four parts of the geo-cultural region of Kurdistan spreading over Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

Following a Kurdish uprising back in 1991, around 1.4 million Kurds had to flee Iraq fearing reprisals. One of them was five-year-old Dashni, whose family eventually settled in the Dutch city of Arnhem in 1997.

She successfully integrated into her new country and over the years her style was shaped by numerous western influences: she played football, did street dance and took up modeling. At the same time, she remained close to her roots and hosted a show on a local Kurdish TV station.

When she moved back to Iraq aged 21 in 2007, she was shocked to find that she was famous there: the Without Borders show she used to anchor in Holland was regularly streamed in her home country.

From then on, life would never be the same for Dashni.

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