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The ‘She-Wolf Of Wall Street’ Caught And Locked Up


Anastasia Tsirenschikova is a 22-year-old Moscovian that was about to finish her studies at the Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow. However one small hiccup is currently preventing her from getting her degree. She ended up in prison because she was a part of a multimillion-dollar scam.

The accusation for Tsirenschikova is acting as an accomplice in a multi-million dollar tax-evasion scam. Not only that, but also for actually being the second in command in the gang behind it.

Named the She-Wolf of Wall Street, Tsirenschikova and her crew are accused of attempting to siphon nine billion Russian rubles (around $145 million US dollars) out of the Russian Federation to an offshore bank account.

They directed most of the money to Panama, a notorious tax haven. An attempted laundering was happening, by transferring it between numerous Russian bank accounts in the hope of fooling the Russian authorities.

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