The Weeknd Sent Bella Hadid Gorgeous Bouquet Of Flowers On Victoria's Secret Show

The Weeknd Sent Bella Hadid Gorgeous Bouquet Of Flowers On Victoria’s Secret Show

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After Selena Gomez broke up with him, The Weeknd is trying his best to win back his ex, the model Bella Hadid. He even went so far to send her a bouquet of flowers while she was busy modeling at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Don’t believe us? Here’s how it went down.

An anonymous source told exclusively that after the fashion show, Abel sent Bella a ‘gorgeous, huge bouquet of flowers along with a super sweet note telling her how amazing she is and how proud of her he is.”

Now, if I was Bella Hadid, I will be a tad more cautious about letting my ex back into my life so soon after he broke up with his other ex. But, the model is just twenty-one, and one can argue that she has all the time in the world, and she can allow herself to make mistakes of the romantic type.

Plus, just look at Abel! He’s so sweet, uuuuhhh! Besides, he’s 27, so we might just hope that he knows what he’s doing. His roses are especially sweet, we have to admit.

The anonymous source went on to say: “Bella loved every minute of the show, and she looked absolutely stunning. The event went off without a hitch, and it was a raging success. Bella was on a high the whole night.”

I can’t help but wonder how she feels about Abel’s compliments. Did he make her night even better, or did he ruin it? Who knows… Wait and see, I guess.


But, as the source tells us, Bella was missing someone else that night, and it wasn’t The Weeknd. Guess who? Her sister, Gigi Hadid!

“The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Gigi was there too, but Bella Facetimed with her just before the show started, and she told Bella that she was rooting for her and that she can’t wait to watch the show with her when she gets back home,” the source explained.

Seeing as how stunning Bella looked on the show, though, it’s no surprise that Abel suddenly remembered about her. Check out these hot pics of Bella and other Victoria’s Angels who made an appearance at the Pink carpet of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

Bella had her abs on display for her 21st birthday.

bella hadid1

Drake was also spotted attending the celebration:

bella hadid2

Sister Gigi Hadid hanging out in New York City on October 9, 2017.

Gigi Hadid Sighting, NYC

For her 21st birthday, Bella rocked a sexy black dress.


Sister love is the best love!


Mom Yolanda Hadid was present too.


The guest list included Travis Scott as well.

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Source: hollywoodlife

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