After 28 Years Together, Larry And Theresa Caputo Have Divorced

Being married someone is no easy feat. You have to put effort (in the form of love and caring) into it every day for it to work out. When you first consider getting married, you don’t consider all the things you might argue about with your significant other.


You can make a relationship work but marriage doesn’t have to feel like hard work. I mean, if the two of you are perfect for each other, then why would you fight?


Sometimes, when people get married they start to do some silly things that might bore you in a matter of seconds.


Even if you try to keep the spark alive, a marriage that’s not meant to be won’t last. When two people don’t work well together there’s nothing you can do about it. And while others think a divorce is a bad thing, it’s better than being unhappy all your life.

Divorce gives people another chance of finding their happiness.

And it seems like another marriage as come to an end with the separation of Caputo couple.


The Long Island Medium actress Theresa Caputo announced that she’s divorcing her husband.


After 28 years of marriage, the 51-year-old decided to call it quits with her now-ex husband Larry.


The news was revealed first by People Magazine.

In a joint statement the duo said:

“After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family.”


Theresa and Larry asked the public to “respect our privacy during this time.” The pair have two children together, Larry Jr., 27 and Victoria 23.

We know them from their TLC show that went on for over ten seasons.


Even though the news is heartbreaking, it’s probably for the better. It was also recently revealed that they were facing a rough patch in their marriage. Theresa also admitted that she was “unsure about their future.”


The 51-year-old said:

“I sometimes interpret it as growing apart. I’ve changed and he has changed.

“We’re both not happy and, you know, it’s hard to try to work through that.

“It’s not easy for me to sit here and to talk about this, to talk about my feelings, to talk about how my marriage is, but you know, things do change.”

In their show, Theresa meets up with clients to predict their future and also claims that she can communicate with the dead. While they haven’t commented on their separation yet, Larry retweeted a fan who showed them support.


The tweet read:

“It’s not my relationship & I won’t dictate to anyone what to do but I wish @Theresacaputo & @biglarrycaputo the best & would have a VERY hard time watching #LongIslandMedium without him on it. These Larry-less episodes are a killer!”

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