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3 Easy Hairstyles If You Are Struggling With Thin Hair


The curly hair among us will probably first pause and wonder what thin hair actually is. Well, simply put, it is another version of their struggle to tame their thick hair and make it presentable. What curls are for one segment of the world’s female population, thin hair is for another. For thin-haired women, a serious battle is raging on a daily basis to make their hairstyles appear thicker and more luscious.

As with everything else, the internet has spouted out many possible solutions to this problem. A solid one comes from POPxo Beauty – one of India’s leading vlogging platforms for beauty and hair tips. In the video, their Senior Stylist, Upalina, presents three simple hairstyles perfect for ladies with thin hair.

Whether you decide to go for a simple inside-out ponytail or the more elaborate twisted bun and side-swept braid, all three styles will provide you with quick and uncomplicated options when you really want your hair to look differently, but you don’t have that much time at your disposal.

1. Inside-out ponytail


2. Twisted bun


3. Side-swept braid


The video tutorial provides you with all the little tricks you will need to achieve these looks easily. For more, subscribe to POPxo’s Youtube channel – according to them, they are “beyond DIY beauty and tips”. They say they know every woman is beautiful and they’re just there to celebrate that with their videos. “Feel good, feel better and stay beautiful,” is POPxo motto.

Source: POPxo Beauty

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