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16 Things From The 90’s That Kids Today Won’t Understand


It makes you feel pretty old when today’s kids don’t know how to use something from the days of your youth. But it really hasn’t been that long, has it? It’s just that technology goes forward at such an incredible pace. Every year new inventions come out, and, admit it, sometimes it’s a struggle to keep up with the times. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the 90’s.

Here is a list of thing you definitely remember doing, but that kids now will probably think are the strangest things in the world.

1. Using maps

Remember when we didn’t have a clever device to carry around that we could ask which way to go? And we had to print out directions from MapQuest? And in those prehistoric times, before MapQuest existed, we had to buy actual maps. Wonder how we ever managed to get where we were going.

Before smartphones, we had to print out MapQuest directions.

Source: Twitter | @AwkwardlyMaddi

2. The Year 2000 Problem

Remember when the turn of the century was widely feared, because it was expected to cause severe software and hardware failures and, basically, chaos everywhere? Pepperidge farm remembers.

The fear was crippling.

Source: Twitter | @ShawnEricTodd

3. The huge TVs

Remember when you had to turn to channel 3 if you wanted to play video games? To this day a static TV screen makes me feel nostalgic… Those were the times.

Want to play video games? Better turn that channel to 3.

Source: Twitter | @OriginInsider

4. The cinema schedule woes

Remember when you had to check the newspaper to see what time a movie started? Well, it certainly was better than having to call the movie hotline.

I remember!

Source: Twitter | @CVanAuk

5. The free minutes

Remember the joy of having free minutes? It’s a bit weird nowadays that you get unlimited calls with your phone plan.

Those were the days.

Source: Twitter | @LavenderWhales

6. No caller ID

Remeber when there was no caller ID, but you could just dial *69 to find out who was the last person to call you? Unless it was a super sneaky prankster who knew to use *67…

Oh, you think you're going to prank me and get away with it?

Source: Facebook | Star 69 Records

7. Renting movies

Remember going to the video store? So many arguments over which movie to get! And then the rage when you find out that the person who had rented the movie before you hadn’t rewound the tape!

When Friday nights were truly lit.

Source: Fit Over 40 Challenge

8. Movies split on two tapes

Remember when you had to get up from your comfy couch, walk all the way to the VCR, and change the tape? I bet you were tempted to just give up many, many times.

The first tape ended when they hit the iceberg and I'd stop watching.

Source: Cool Magazin

9. Making mixtapes

Remember when you couldn’t just download music from the internet? We had to work hard for our tunes! Also, making a mixtape for someone was an unmistakable sign of affection.

And they think today's video games improve hand-eye coordination...

Source: Twitter | @drdavidbull

10. Phone keyboards

Remember the days when there were no touchscreens, and you had to type using actual, physical buttons? So, we typed only when it was strictly necessary, and avoided words with ‘s’ like the plague!

Those were the days. We were basically the ents of the texting revolution.

Source: Twitter | @destinee_julia | Shenhuifu

11. Netflix

Remember when we had to actually order Netflix? Like, order it in the mail? And then it could arrive all scratched up… There was no chill until we had it safely in our hands.

Today we have Netflix and Chill...

Source: Twitter | @DankwaBrooks

12. Dial-up internet

Remember when you couldn’t use the internet if there was someone on the phone? That was tough!

My older brother wanted to kill me every single day because of this.

Source: EMGN

13. Song lyrics

Remember when you couldn’t just google the lyrics to a song? We had to depend on the liner notes for that!

The liner notes were the treat at the bottom of the cereal box.

Source: Me.me

14. Telephone booths

Remember when you had to make calls from telephone booths because you had no cell phone? When we went on a holiday we had to walk a mile to find a phone to call our folks at home. It was awesome!

Kids today will only know these as possible entrances into the Ministry of Magic.

Source: The Verge

15. CD storage binders

Remember spending an hour trying to choose which CD to play? And then listen to it for 10 minutes before you arrived at your destination?

When choosing what music to listen to involved opening up one of these babies.

Source: Cool Magazin

16. Taping movies

Remember when you had to record movies off the TV on a VHS tape? And accidentally recording over something important? My mum still hasn’t found out what actually is on her wedding videotape…

Taping movies off the TV was just a part of life.

Source: Instagram | @tgraf86
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