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19 Things Only Americans Do That Confuses The Rest Of The World


A lot of countries have their one unique qualities setting them apart from other countries. And one country in the world that knows a thing or two about uniqueness is the United States. Americans do a ton of things that, for lack of a better word, just confuse the rest of the world’s population a little bit. Let’s take a look at a gallery of 16 such things, compiled by Aunty Acid!

1. Toilet bowls with crap tons (pardon the pun) of water

It’s unnecessary!

19 Things Only Americans Do That Confuses The Rest Of The World 1

2. In America, bread sticks are… literally that

They’re sticks (seasoned, albeit) with the same dough type as bread. They look delicious though.

19 Things Only Americans Do That Confuses The Rest Of The World 2

3. The annoying way TV show timings are displayed “8/7c”.

The “c” actually stands for Central, because there are different time zones across US states. So, if there’s a TV show going on at 8 PM for you, but you’re in the pacific zone, it will go on at 7 PM for central zoners.


4. They use old fashioned stove kettles

Why not just upgrade to an electric one?


5. Playing sport in high school is a seriously big deal

As in, big enough to get you a scholarship in a prestigious college.


6. College-level sports have such a HUGE fanbase


7. The gaps in public bathroom stalls

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone spying on me while I’m doing a number two.


8. High school graduations

Why do they make such a big deal out of it?


9. Biscuits and cookies are two totally separate things in the US

American biscuits do look delicious though.


10. This is the way they serve what the UK calls scones

It’s strange but it looks delicious.


11. Washing machines being in a separate room

Oh and also: the washing and drying machines are separate.


12. Tax isn’t included in prices

It makes shopping kinda confusing.


13. Only they use the month/day/year format


14. Only they use the two pin plugs

And they don’t have an on/off switch. If you want to turn something off, you have to unplug altogether!

By the way, why does this plug socket have USB ports?


15. Chocolate advent calendars aren’t a Christmas staple

They’re apparently not very common in America, which kinda sucks…


16. Big chocolate Easter eggs aren’t common either

Maybe it has something to do with Kinder eggs being banned in the US for a considerable amount of time.


17. They don’t get the UK’s squash syrup

I’ve never had it before even though I’ve been to the UK so I won’t comment.

My supper time of #orangesquash and #custardcreams

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18. Tea is not very popular in the States

When you mention tea, normally it’s cold or iced, not a warm cup like they like to have in other areas of the world.


19. American lemonade is not carbonated


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