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10 Weird Things Your Body Can Tell About You


We spend our whole lives getting to know ourselves, but apparently, our body knows a lot more than we can tell. Scientists say that the human body and it’s details can say a lot about a person’s personality and lifestyle.

So be prepared to walk around, subtly peeking into people’s finger length, abdomen or other features, because you’ll feel like you can look into their soul after you watch this video.

So what does our body tell us?

Want an example? Experts say that if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you’re less likely to develop prostate cancer or liver disease. That’s for men. In women, it means that you have high fertility, but are also more likely to develop breast cancer.

However, if you have/don’t have any of these traits, please don’t panic. These are merely statistics and our main health issues, positive and negative are usually due to genetics and lifestyle. So whatever your little body features may say, you make sure that you take care good care of your mental and physical health and your relationship with people.

Now, let’s have fun and watch the video.


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