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Twenty Things That All Women Can Relate To When It Comes To Bras


Although certain celebrities whose, in most cases, names start with “K” and end with “ylie Jenner” or “endall Jenner” can sometimes walk around in public without a bra, but for all other ladies, bras are basically a necessity. Why? I mean, does it have to be? Can we have like a podcast on this, please?

To the majority, we all know that there are some very real issues when it comes to our bras, but we never really talk about them. I’m going to break the silence and start a conversation about all the things that drive us crazy when it comes to our bras, so buckle up, ladies.

1. They are too expensive

You literally have to pay the price if you have a decent set of tits, but it’s just too big of a price to pay for something that’s necessary and that you want to last.

20 Things That All Women Can Relate To When It Comes To Bras 1

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2. When you finally do have money to spend on a bra, you have to buy the boring, nude-colored one because as luck would have it, your old one just broke.

Isn’t that always the way? They’re really handy and great for white shirts, but I’d rather go shopping for socks than endure nude-colored bra shopping.

20 Things That All Women Can Relate To When It Comes To Bras 2


3. When bras go on sale, it’s always the cheap, thinly lined ones that you have to choose from.

They look like they’re made for 13-year-old girls who are picking out their first bras.

I mean, I’m happy for them, I am, but give me something with substance or don’t call it a sale.


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4. Finding the right size of bra is always a hassle.

If you have a large chest, you’re typically limited to the boring bras. All the fun colors are reserved for those with C cups or smaller.


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5. If you happen to be really thin and flat-chested, good luck finding anything in-store.

They never have your size, and you always have to shop online to get one that fits.


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6. I can’t be the only one who owns five different bras, all of different sizes?

They say you’re supposed to get remeasured every six months, which means you’re likely never wearing a properly fitted bra.


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7. The fancy bras with lace are super pretty, but forget about wearing them with a thin shirt.

You get all these weird lumps sticking through your top because lace and actual clothes do not mix.


8. Same goes with bras that are really colorful.

Sure, they’re fun to look at, but you’re suddenly limited to which shirts you can wear.


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9. Is it me or do the fancy bras wear out really quickly?

It’s like the bras you spend a lot of money on last you a couple of months, and then you have the ones from WWII that are never going to give out.


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10. Strapless bras are the devil.

They squish your back fat down, and you’re constantly readjusting. No thanks.


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11. Sports bras give you major uniboob, and if you’re not up for that look, it can get really annoying really quickly.

*Let it be known that I am a supporter of the uniboob, and think it looks just fine.*


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12. When you take your bra off at the end of the day, you’re left with the most awkward lines on your body.

Yes, it feels amazing, but at what cost?


13. For how much you’re paying for a bra, you’d think they would be built a little sturdier.

Mine are always coming detached at the seams, but I refuse to throw them out, so it’s like I’m living every day on edge, just waiting for one to completely give out.



14. Somehow the underwire always manages to break free.

Like, get back in there little guy. You’re not wanted here.


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15. The straps are always falling apart.

Either they’re fraying or become way too loose over time and fall off your shoulder every other minute.


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16. There isn’t a single person out there who washes their bra after wearing it just once.

We’re all walking around wearing these sweaty, slightly discolored garments, and we’re not afraid to admit it.


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17. When you do get around to washing them, it’s a battle of its own.

The bra hooks always become tangled in some knit article of clothing I threw in the wash.


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18. That, or the entire bra just wraps itself around every item of clothing in there and you have to spend the next 10 minutes of your life trying to separate everything.


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19. The washing machine always manages to mess up the cups.

Either you’re trying to put them back in where they belong or there’s this weird, unfixable crease in your bra, forever ruining everything.


20. Bras in general are just so unfortunate.

You’re never totally comfortable in one, but you know that if you went braless, things would get messy real quick.


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