15 Things That Have Changed Drastically In The Last 17 Years

Time passes really fast, and technology seems to be developing even faster. In the last seventeen years alone we’ve traveled in leaps and bounds and it’s just astounding how much the world has changed. We don’t really notice it while it’s happening, but make a simple comparison, like the one below, and the proof is right there. Everything that we thought was cool, all the things that made our childhoods amazing, are now improved and made anew. Well, some would say improved, others would prefer to cling on to their nostalgia and memories.

Check out this list compiled by Creative Ideas, to see exactly how much the world has changed since the turn of the millennium.

1. Water bottle vs edible water bottle

You can’t pollute the environment with plastic bottles if you don’t use bottles!


© pixabay © skippingrockslab

2. Printing: paper vs 3D printing

Sadly, printing on paper in general might soon become obsolete altogether…


© pixabay

3. Zac Efron 2000 vs Zac Efron 2017

Oh wow, look, Zac Efron grew up! Who would’ve thought…


© depositphotos © Paramount Pictures

4. Flip phone vs iPhone

Although, you have to admit it’s much less satisfying to end a conversation by touching the screen instead of snapping the phone shut…


© deposiphotos © shutterstock

5. Rollerblades vs Hoverboard

Well, you say hoverboards, but they don’t really hover, now, do they?

© depositphotos © shutterstock

6. Makeup 2000 vs makeup 2017

More eyeliner!


© shutterstock © shutterstock

7. MP3s on a USB vs Spotify

You can now have easy access to your music anywhere, no matter if you forgot your USB drive or your MP3 player!


© depositphotos © depositphotos

8. MySpace vs Snapchat

I honestly didn’t even realize the cat and dog’s faces were swapped. Who knew the face swap filter worked on animals too!


© shutterstock © unknown/imgur

9. Street fashion vs Instagram model

Oh, yes. Fashion has definitely changed a lot. Looking back at photos of ourselves we often wonder, ‘what the hell were we thinking when we put that thing on?’


© depositphotos © emrata/instagram

10. Furbie 2000 vs Furbie 2017

Yeah, it’s still cute, but I prefer the older version…


© PeanutbutterPirate/imgur © Amazon

11. Balancing bird vs Fidget spinners

Some things don’t really change: we still enjoy finger games!


© PeanutbutterPirate/imgur © depositphotos

12. What Women Want vs Wonder Woman

You could say women in films are portrayed as stronger now, but there were strong women back then as well. Remember Xena: Warrior Princess?


© Paramount Pictures © DC

13. Vegan food: salad vs the “impossible” burger

Healthy food buffs can now pretend they’re eating burgers.


© pixabay © impossiblefoods

14. Regular room vs space-saving furniture

Furniture now is sleeker and it takes up less space to accommodate all the stuff we keep buying without throwing anything away.


© pixabay © resourcefurniture

15. Rihanna 2000 vs Rihanna 2017

Rihanna turned from a beautiful girl into a beautiful woman.


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From: creativeideas