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30 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo


We’ve given you ideas about tattoos countless times in the past, and we’ve also talked about how they’re the best way to turn your body into a creative canvas and fill it out with drawings of stuff that you like or perhaps that shows off your personality.

But, there are several things that you all should consider before getting a tattoo. Quite a bit more than several, actually.

1. You should always know what you want to get

After you get inked and decide that you don’t like it, it’s not like there’s no going back, but it’s getting complicated…


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2. Don’t worry about getting a tattoo that doesn’t have deep meaning to you


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3. Make sure you have a good tattoo artist

Do your research. Check reviews, how long they’ve been in the business, their social media accounts (if they have any) and ask to see their previous work. If all is good, then go for it!


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4. Waiting lists

Talented artists tend to have a pretty long waiting list, but if they’re talented, then the wait is worth it.


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5. A clean tattoo parlor is also crucial

Try and find out if it’s been health inspected, because you don’t want to mess around with unsterilized needles.


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6. Getting inked is not cheap

Pay a deposit to make sure your name appears on the waiting list.


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7. Tip your artist

Just like you’d tip the waiter at a restaurant. 15% for job well done, 20% if it’s even better.


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8. Consult your artist when thinking of what you should ink

They are the professionals in the situation and they can help you come up with something truly awesome!


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9. Be specific with your idea

A broad description of what you want can lead to unsatisfactory results.


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10. Don’t bring your friends to keep you calm


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11. Because multiple people distract the artist

If you’re bringing just one person, ask if it’s okay, but other than that, focus on breathing, read a book or listen to music while the artist does their thing.


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12. Do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours before going

It thins the blood and makes the healing process very difficult and all that hard work could be ruined.


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13. Make sure you’re sober before getting a tattoo


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14. Consider drinking lots of water and having a good meal before you get your tattoo


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15. Make sure you have a lot of time

Some more intricate tattoos can take several hours, so make the appointment on a day off at work or at the weekend.


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16. Pain

I’m sure you know this, but getting a tattoo can hurt. Depends on your skin tolerance and where you get the tattoo.


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17. The areas with less fat with more nerves tend to hurt more

Like, the ankle for example. Take deep breaths, and after 15 minutes or so, the pain should gradually ease off.


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18. Be careful with the inflammatory medicine you take

Advil helps out for some people, but Aspirin thins the blood so it’s not recommended.


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19. Do your research for numbing gel

It may work, but it might also cause ink bleeding which gets rid of the sharp lines on a tattoo.


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20. Red ink tends to fade faster

And white tends to turn yellow overtime.


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21. Crisp lines of tiny tattoos will make them bleed faster


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22. Don’t be afraid to speak up

Regarding the location or  size of the tattoo, because it can be too late.


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23. Tattooing a scar is a little bit complicated

Make sure the scar is several years old, and it can also absorb the ink  entirely which could lead to you coming back for touch-ups.


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24. Consider the placement once more

Some people want to get tattoos that can be easily hidden, so if your work doesn’t allow tattoos, you might want to get one that can be easily hidden with your clothes.


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25. Don’t get someone’s name tattooed on you

Because, remember, the tattoo is permanent but that person might not be.


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26. Plan your life around the tat for the next couple of weeks


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27. Don’t book any vacations that involve a lot of swimming

Keep the tattoo as far away from water and the sun as possible.


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28. Hygiene is also a crucial part


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29. It’s going to itch, but you’ll ruin it if you scratch it


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30. Don’t freak out after getting your tattoo

It might take a while for you to adjust.


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