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12 Things That All Curvy/Thick Girls Out There Definitely Feel With


It seems like society these days is more willing to accept thick women, and that’s totally fine. Thicc, thick, curvy, whatever you wish to call them, it’s no secret that those bods are on the rise now and these days are considered by most to be pretty.

However, being thick is not all unicorns and rainbows. There are a lot of things about being thick that aren’t the greatest, and here’s 12 of them that all of you curvy ladies out there can most likely relate to.

1. This might be a bit embarrassing

But rompers are a big thing right now, so it’s a win-win either way.

Well, this is a little bit embarrassing...677

Source: Twitter | @twigsmotherfckr

2. Thigh gap society, take note

Always look on the bright side of life.

Source: Skreened

3. Or when you drop your phone or pen

It won’t fall through and you can secure it.

It's like the great circle of life.

Source: Instagram | lesliemarie1205

4. The heat after a while becomes a bit unbearable

My old work team used to do "team walks" every day at lunch, in the heat.

Source: Twitter | @Alienscum

5. But it’s Beyonce, so it might be worth buying it anyway

When Beyoncé's workout wear is something you'd buy because Beyoncé, but then you think about them thighs...

Source: Twitter | @italItoowell

6. Keep some baby powder with you if you have meaty legs

If you have meaty legs, you are keeping the baby powder industry alive.

Source: Twitter | @julianne70

7. If you have thighs, you know what this situation means

There is a 100% chance you are going to hip check each and every person on the way down.

If you're hippy, you know what a scene like this means.

Source: Flickr | Don Fulano

8. Thick girls don’t ever wear shorts

Unless they’re very confident, they become denim underwear after a while!

There's no point in buying shorts because they all turn into denim underwear.

Source: Global Rakuten

9. Your boyfriend jeans don’t go past your knees

Don’t feel down about it, though. Your jeans are cuter anyway.

You accidentally pick up your boyfriend's jeans and realize they don't go past your knees.

Source: The Healthy Fat Girl

10. Bikini shopping is a bit of a nightmare

 Bikini shopping can be a mix-and-match nightmare.

Source: Instagram | @sonnyturner___

11. Even though you have a perfectly healthy diet

Your body mass index (BMI) says that you’re morbidly obese. Chill out, scale, we good. Just a bit of junk here and there never hurt anyone.


12. This is something that happens if you have really thick thighs no matter the conditions

Your jeans will rip after a while. Be prepared to have some money saved up every month, just in case you need to buy a new pair.

Ah, so it begins...

Source: Instagram | @badmouthedbiotch

Know of any other relatable things that apply to all thick girls out there? Share them in the comments!

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