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16 Things You Might Have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life


Where would one be without the internet? You spend a good chunk of your life certain in the notion that you’ve got everything under control, only to suddenly find that you’ve broken multiple fingernails when trying to add new keys to your keychain for nothing. Oh well, it’s still better finding out late than spending another couple of decades doing it wrong. To make your everyday life easier on multiple levels, here are sixteen hacks that will help with your peace of mind and general level of sanity.

1. Key rings


If you’ve damaged your nails many times while adding a new key ring to your keys, you know how frustrating this can be. In the future, simply use a staple remover to open up the pesky loops.

2. Message board


If you need a message board at home, your mirror can be a cool, trendy alternative. Just make sure you’re using a dry erase marker instead of a permanent one.We could all do with a message board in our homes, but did you know you already have the perfect message board?

3. Straw holder


If you flip the tab of a can around it turns into a straw holder!

4. Iced drinks


If you wrap a few sheets of wet paper towels around the bottle or can you’ll only have to leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes before it’s ice cold.

5. Shirt storage


Store your t-shirts side to side in order to create more space.

6. Pringles container


There is a piece of paper you can use to pull out all Pringles at once and eat them without getting your hand stuck or them crumbling.

7. Upside down


To avoid damaging a banana try peeling it from the bottom up. This way, you will also need far less force.

8. Juice handles


Juice boxes have tabs that fold down on the sides of the juice box which when you popen ensue you suck up every last drop.

9. Pan handle hole


There is a hole in the handle of most pans which can be used to hold wooden spoons for a short period of time – just what you need while cooking!

10. Chicken wings


If you love wings but hate eating around the bones, try grabbing the two bones, then twist and pull them apart and you should have nothing but boneless chicken!

11. Long-lasting cake


If you want your cake to stay fresher for longer, try cutting the cake from the middle outwards!

12. Ziploc bag


Instead of buying an expensive waterproof case when you go to the beach, just place your phone in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag.

13. Tomatoes


To avoid making a mess when slicing tomatoes you can place them between two plates and slice them through the gap.

14. Chinese takeaway


A takeout container for Chinese food is designed to easily transform into a convenient plate.

15. Popsicles


Place a muffin wrapper directly under your popsicle and enjoy a treat on a warm day without it ending up messy.

16. Chilled wine


Instead of using ice to chill your wine and diluting it in the process, throw a few frozen grapes into your wine to cool it down!

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