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Only ’90s Kids Will Remember These 15 Things With Nostalgia


It was the best of times it was the worst of times, the 90s were a pretty crazy era to be alive. From hot boy bands such as the Backstreet Boys to widely popular girl groups like the Spice Girls, music that was only on VH1 and MTV, and the Internet still being a hard-to-explain concept to people. Meanwhile, things have changed but these 15 memories we will have forever, making us feel deep nostalgia.

1. The iMac G3

Remember how excited you were when Steve Jobs introduced the original iMac. In fact how amazing it was to see a computer in “Bondi blue” translucent plastic, no extensions cords, no separate monitor, no external drives needed. The whole package was functioning and pretty good looking.


2. Christina’s skinny eyebrows

Today, it is considered the thicker the brows the better, and girls see fuller arches as a blessing. However, in the 90s the trend was slightly different. You had to tweeze away almost every hair on your face and then draw it back with a super thin line. Christina Aguilera had those perfect Skinny Brows.


3. Inflatable furniture

Inflatable furniture was a big part of every child’s bedroom during the 90s. How cool did you feel when you showed your friends that big, pink, glittery, inflatable chair in the middle of your room? They all knew Britney Spears had the same one, and they all felt just as excited as you did.


4. The “anti-skip” feature on CD-players

Since in the 90s teens didn’t have iPod’s, the biggest thing in the music department was the CD player. Listening to music wasn’t so easy as today, CD players were heavy, complicated and could play a limited amount of songs. Also, they had Electronic skip protection which was a system used so that the audio would not skip when movement would render the disk temporarily unreadable.

Of course, more often than not it didn’t work.


5. Body sprays

This is how nostalgia smells like. It was the Victoria Secret spray of the 1990s; indeed these were sprayed literally on everything.


6. Five-star Notebook

As you can see it was a five-star Notebook Paper and Organizer. And everyone had one. Duh.

It was built strong and lasted long.


7. The sunglasses of the 90’s

It was almost impossible to see someone who was not wearing Oakleys. Therefore it was a must-have accessory for being cool in those days. Seriously, you weren’t cool if you didn’t own a pair of frog-eyed shades.


8. Ordering from catalogs because it was the only option

It’s pretty hard to imagine that back then, things weren’t ordered from Amazon, eBay or Online Clothes Shops, but from such a catalog instead.


9. Gel pens

The worst thing that could happen to you as a child during the 90s was your favorite gel pen running out of ink. Especially if it was the one with glitter. After that, all you could do was wait until your parents decided to buy you new ones.


10. Cell phones

Even though the cell phone was invented in the 1970s it wasn’t until the 90s that they became widely available and affordable. Having the iPhone today is pretty amazing but in those days there was nothing more impressive than having the Nokia 3310 cell phone.


11. Wallet chains

What do you mean you go out without your walled chained to your jeans!? – Oh, yeah it’s not the 90s anymore.


12. The substitute for Netflix

Kids in the 90s didn’t have Netflix or HBO subscriptions, so they were not able to watch any show they wanted wherever they wanted. You had to go through the process of taping your shows.


13. Sponge-painted rooms

The easiest way to decorate your room all by yourself and without your parent’s approval in the 1990s was to paint it with a sponge instead of the monotonous whitewashing. Fun, right?


14. Lava lamp drinks

It seems like companies used to experiment a lot more with food and drinks in those days than they do today.

Back then the Orbitz company described this signature drink as a “texturally enhanced alternative beverage” – it actually made you feel like you are drinking the lava lamp from your room.


15. Gushers

The only logical thing to do after school in the 90s was to go home and eat these little sugary morsels with a splash of fun. YUM!


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