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15 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen When A Woman Moves In With You


If you remember, we talked about things all guys find annoying about women. I’ll admit that we all have our own habits that seem fine when we’re doing them but some people might find a little bit… hard to stomach.

Well, guys, I’m afraid there are a few extra things y’all will have to deal with once your woman moves in with you. Here are some of the highlights, brought to us by Aunty Acid.

1. You will see hair everywhere

Especially in the shower. Stuff like this:

Hair Everywhere

2. Hair clips everywhere

A lady’s locks need to be taken care of, but sometimes we forget our bobby pins in the most ridiculous places.

Hair Clips Here, There, And Everywhere

3, Wardrobe

Prepare for your wardrobe to get dominated with your girl’s (really doesn’t need to be) extensive amount of clothing.

All Over The Place

4. Very long showers

If you were planning to take a shower before going out but your lady went in first, then too bad!

Very Long Shower

5. Ladies never have enough room for all their accouterments

More Room Please

6. Same goes for the shower

Ladies use three times as many products as men in most cases while in the shower, so prepare for all your precious space to be gone. Just don’t trip on one of her products!

Shower Space

7. Far too many shoes

Oh, I’m sorry, my bad, a girl can never have enough shoes. 40 pairs? Not enough.

Too Many Shoes

8. All the garbage cans will be dominated by used tampons

Prepare for more regular trash taking trips.

Fill Up

9. Nail polish will definitely damage your wooden surfaces

If you still have those around the house.

Nail Polish

10. There will be makeup everywhere

You might even find some in your garage!

 Make Up

11. Your toilet paper will also run out more frequently too

Out Of Toilet Paper

12. Finally a good thing, smelling nice

Your apartment or house will smell a lot nicer after a lady has moved in with you. Scented candles, lotions, perfume and other fragrant items will contribute to that.

Smelling Good

13. You’ll see your girl at her worst

No makeup, no bra, no panties. You might be disappointed, but that’s the reality. You still love her.

 Not A Great Look

14. A lot of cash will be spent on food

Like, a lot.

So Hungry

15. And finally, you’ll see her do things you never wanted to see her do

Never ever. In your life. Not talking about intimate stuff, I mean like… stuff that will make you feel geniunely… strange.

Didn’t Want To See That

Know of any other things that hold true when a girl moves in with you? Share them in the comments below!

Source: auntyacid

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