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23 Things You Have Around The House That You Should Throw Away


If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of stuff lying around your home that is collecting dust and doesn’t really need to be there. You know what you should do with all that stuff? As hard as it may be, throw it away. Not only will you save some space, but you’ll make your life a lot better as a whole.

1. Old clothes

Possibly the hardest to throw away on this list, but even if you can squeeze into them; trust me, you’ll want to throw them away or give them to someone.

Old clothes

Source: Instagram | @keffandjelly

2. Old makeup

Those early 2000s colorful eyes aren’t in style anymore. It’s high time you throw that away or sell it in favor of newer, higher quality products.

Old makeup

Source: Instagram | @siqne_siqne

3. That old toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush every three months. If you’ve been sick, throw it away immediately and buy a new one as soon as you can. They’re available at the dollar store, and you probably won’t need those extra features the more expensive ones have, so it’s totally fine.

Old toothbrushes

Source: Instagram | @thefirthlady

4. Socks with holes and socks where one is missing

If you can’t find one of them, just throw it away. If there’s holes in them? Throw those away too.

Socks with no partner.

Source: Instagram | @midtownlaundry

5. Old, stinky, torn up shoes

Throw those away and invest in a shiny new pair. This all depends on if you’re the kind of person that wears one pair of shoes for 5 years or you like to have multiple pairs and switch between them.

Stinky, yucky shoes.

Source: Instagram | @arie_styawan_

6. Gooey nail polish

When polish turns gooey, it’s no good and it belongs in the trash.

Tacky nail polish.

Source: So TIPical Me

7. Old spice

No, not that. Don’t attack me with the Terry Crews jokes just yet. If any of your spices have gone past their sell by date, it’s time for them to hit the trash bag.

Old spices.

Source: Instagram | @usa2kangel

8. Broken toys

Unless you’re creative and know how to re-purpose toys, and maybe even they’re sentimental to you, don’t throw them away.

On a side note, if you have a certain few well kept Barbie dolls lying around your house, you can fetch some serious cash.

Broken toys

Source: Instagram | @amazingazcomics

9. Worn out and yucky dish towels

Another thing that can be bought at the dollar store, so there’s no reason to keep the old ones if you have them.

Worn out and yucky dish towels

Source: Instagram | @erinelizabethfitness

10. Chipped dishes

All they’re going to do from this point is continue to chip, so there’s no point in keeping them.

Chipped dishes

Source: Instagram | @tacogetsfit

11. Expired medicine

Medicine is supposed to help your health, but if you take expired medicine, it will do anything but. Throw it away!

Expired medicines

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12. Books you haven’t read

Unless you intend to at some point, they shouldn’t sit on your bookshelf collecting dust. Give them as gifts, though. Books are amazing.

Unread books

Source: Instagram | @katherinejdoubleday

13. Old paint

While it’s a good idea to hold on to paint for touch ups, it tends to fade overtime so it’s a good idea to get rid of it after a while.

Old paint

Source: Instagram | @hollysuzart

14. Old magazines

Don’t hold on to every fashion magazine you own. Read it, keep it for a couple days and then throw it away.


Source: Instagram | @rshid

15. Old sponges

These will do the total opposite of actually cleaning your dishes, which is why it’s not so well advised to hold on to them.

 Dish sponge

Source: Instagram | @lynseygarty

16. Your junk drawer

All that stuff has probably been sitting for years. It doesn’t need to be there anymore, just saying.

Your entire junk drawer — well, most of it.

Source: Instagram | @tonyray55

17. Air fresheners that aren’t so fresh

If they have worn out and aren’t letting off any fumes, it’s time for them to go.

 Worn out air fresheners.

Source: Jalopnik

18. Lotions

That lotion graveyard needs to be digged up and paved through.


Source: Polished Habitat

19. Games with missing pieces

Most of you know all too well that if a game has a missing piece, you can’t play it.

If you can’t find a piece, throw the game away and buy it again.

Games that are missing pieces

Source: Pinterest | quietfish.com 

20. Broken/outdated electronic devices

If they’re broken but not outdated, then invest in fixing them.

But if they’re both, then throw them away or give them to someone who knows how to tinker with them.

Outdated and broken electronics

Source: Twitika

21. Instruction manuals

In this day and age, LBR, no one reads instruction manuals. Don’t let them stack in your drawers. Throw them away.

Useless manuals

Source: Ask Anna

22. Purses you never use

Throw away or sell the millions of cheaper purses you have and invest in one slightly more expensive one. Instant win!

Purses you never use

Source: Cape Point Route

23. Random containers and jars

If they’re empty and you’re not using them, it’s time for them to go as well.

 Random containers and jars

Source: PopSugar
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