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18 Things All Low Maintenance Girls Agree On


So not all girls are super neat and organized. Newsflash, right? And just before you accuse us of being lazy, let me tell you something. We are not lazy: we love doing stuff like reading, exercising, or going out. It’s just that we care less about things lower on our list of priorities. Why should you give a damn about nail polish or laundry when there are so many more interesting things to do?

1. Dressers? Never heard of it!

It’s that thing that decorates the corner of the room, right? There are places much better suited for keeping your clothes. Where? The laundry basket and the bedroom floor, of course!

Dressers are nice decorative pieces, but you're not entirely sure of their purpose.

Source: Sithy Things

2. Just give me a reason

Ugh, shaving your legs… Why do it if you don’t have to? Maybe if you are going to wear a dress or shorts, you might consider taking the time to do it. Mind, I said ‘consider.’ You can always decide against it.

Leg shaving is for special occasions.

Source: The Girl With the Manly Shoulders

3. A rare occasion

Time to wash your bra? How long has it been? A couple of weeks? So, you remember the last time you washed it. That means you can still use it for quite some time!

Bra washing is murky territory.

Source: Meme Center

4. It’s a ‘no,’ darling

Heels are just not worth the pain. No matter what you’re wearing, no matter the occasion, flat shoes will do just fine.


5. Ready and raring to go

It doesn’t take you any time at all to finish getting ready. Hair – check! Makeup – check! And it’s only been five minutes! Now to wait for all your friends, the slowpokes.


6. THE Chair

Everyone has The Chair. It’s the clothes’ purgatory: neither here, nor there; not clean, but not ready for laundry. However, your Chair is the King of all Chairs. You could probably stack some more clothes on it, if not for that silly ceiling…

You put everyone else's bedroom chair to shame.

Source: Love This Pic

7. I like my shampoo like I like my martini. Dry.

‘Sale’ and ‘dry shampoo’ are two (three?) words that go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Dry shampoo is your life source.

Source: Sizzle

8. Drama? No, thanks.

You love drama. And by ‘drama’ I mean the genre of your current favourite TV show. Not real-life drama. That just requires far too mush energy and attention.


9. It’s not about the money, money, money

You just can’t imaging blowing your money on expensive clothes. It will make you feel much better to order some delicious takeout, than to spend all that cash on designer tags.

Expensive clothing just isn't on your radar.

Source: Doublie

10. Makeup? Well, if you insist.

And I mean, really insist, as in it’s for an appearance on live television. Anything less and makeup is just not going to happen.


11. Same clothes? No problem.

You don’t mind wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Let’s face it, if they don’t smell, why bother looking for other things to wear? They will work the second day just as well as they did on the first.

You see no issue in wearing the same clothes two days in a row.

Source: We Know Memes

12. Oh, so comfy!

There is nothing more important than being comfortable. From your comfy clothes and shoes to your cozy blanket; some things are essential for true happiness.

 And comfort is your #1 priority.

Source: Me.me

13. Oh, what a lovely pair!

Well, your socks may not actually be a pair, but they sure are lovely. In a completely different colour, different pattern kinda way.

You can't remember the last time your socks matched.

Source: Just Kiddin’

14. Perfectly polished nails. For a day.

At least you took the time to polish your nails. It can’t be helped that they chipped after a couple of days. After all, you can’t do them every day. It’s not good for the nails. Yes, not good for the nails at all.

Chipped nail polish is simply a fact of life.

Source: Beauty Bridge

15. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

And then again, sometimes you just can’t be bothered to paint your nails. Nails, schmails. They are completely fine without any polish on.


16. Shower thoughts

The shower is the place where brilliant thoughts strike. Thoughts like, “when am I going to go and buy some body wash?” Soon, definitely soon.

You often have to get "creative" in the shower.

Source: Funny Bits

17. Get out of my hair!

Your hair doesn’t look ridiculous at all. Messy buns are the new fad. They look cool and effortless and trendy! And then your computer screen fades to black and you actually see your reflection. Oh…

Messy buns are your go-to hairstyle.

Source: Advice From A Twenty-Something

18. Respect!

You may not pay attention to details such as these, but that doesn’t mean you don’t admire women who do. To each her own. Anyway, you are a firm believer that high- and low maintenance are ways to describe a car, and not a lady!

From: diply

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