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12 Things You May Not Have Noticed Or Known About The Wizard Of Oz


The Wizard of Oz is still one of the most well-remembered, classic and influential movies of all time. Released in 1939, the movie about a tornado ripping through Kansas that sent Dorothy and her little dog Toto to the magical land of Oz (not Australia), where she meets new friends and then gets taken to the wizard. Even though most of us saw this movie way after it came out, it was still amazing with all of its memorable moments, such as Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

However, there’s more about this classic novel-based movie than you previously though. Specifically, there are a lot of things that me and you didn’t know or notice until now.

Here are 12 things you may not have noticed or known about The Wizard of Oz

1. The snow on the poppy field

You know the scene where Dorothy and Scarecrow were asleep on the poppy field and it started snowing? Well, that was actually chrysotile asbestos, a dangerous substance that was used for the simple reason that it looked great on film.

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Source: Scribol

2. Dorothy’s hair

In the beginning of the movie, her hair is down to her chest but at the end, it stops at her collarbone.

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Source: Woman’s World

3. The Cowardly Lion costume

This was made of actual lion skin. This would be upsetting for a lot of people nowadays, but it was especially so for Bert Lahr, the actor who played the lion. Wearing the skin for 16 hours a day got incredibly hot, and it didn’t help that the skin weighed almost 100 pounds (45 kg).


Source: IMDb

4. The corset

Judy Garland wore a very tight corset during filming to make her seem more like a 12-year-old girl. The author of the novel, L. Frank Baum never actually disclosed Dorothy’s age, but the film studio had decided that 12 is the age they wanted Dorothy to be. Because of the corset, she struggled to breathe while filming.


Source:Fairy Shimmer Children’s Parties

5. The dog

The dog playing Toto (whose name in real life was actually Terry) was stepped on during filming by accident and her paw was broken, meaning she had to be replaced by a double for two weeks while Terry recovered from the injuries.


Source: Alamy

6. More about the lion costume

If the lion skin costume wasn’t enough, actor Bert Lahr also had to wear a brown paper bag on his head. Seriously. His face makeup included pieces of a brown paper bag.


Source: IMDb

7. Ruby slippers

When Dorothy and Scarecrow are being attacked by the rogue apple trees, you can see that Judy Garland is wearing regular black shoes instead of her ruby slippers.


Source: Breaking For Coffee

8. Terry and Tin Man’s cap

Terry was paid $125 a week to appear in the movie, but it wasn’t enough to prevent her from getting scared and running away due to Tin Man’s steamy cap.


Source: Life and Style Mag

9. Dorothy’s blouse

Technicolor made the blouse that Dorothy wore along with her dress white, but it was actually pale pink.


Source: Moviepedia

10. Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion

Apparently, this scene made Judy Garland giggle an awful lot. Before they could continue with filming, director, Victor Fleming pulled Judy aside and slapped her, which ultimately led her to nailing it in the next take.


Source: Closer Weekly

11. When the Tin Man cried, his “tears” were actually chocolate syrup.


Source: Salute Magazine

12. Toto and the curtain string

Towards the end of the movie when Dorothy asks the Wizard who he is, Toto gets a curtain string stuck around her neck, but Judy Garland was able to untangle the string while the scene was still going.


Source: Playbuzz

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