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16 Things That Will Make Your Parenting Easier


Parenting is not exactly an easy feat, now is it? With parenting comes a lot of responsibilities and a lot of parents are keen on finding a way to do all their responsibilities in easier and more fun ways. Well, maybe not a lot of them, but in case you’re one of those types of parents, then we have something to show you.

Here are 16 hacks and gadgets that will make parenting easier for you.

1. Nightlight balls that glow in the dark

16 Things That Will Make Parenthood Easier 1 Parenting

Source: Brit + Co.

2. Portable bunk bed

16 Things That Will Make Parenthood Easier 2 Parenting

Source: Thrifty Nifty Mommy

3. A combined spoon and baby food container


Source:Brit + Co.

4. Snout top sippy cups


Source: My Life In Transition

5. Hang sippy cups on the fridge, in reach of the kids


Source: Puj

6. Placement mat-plate combo


Source: Nordstrom

7. Water deflector for better bath time


Source: Homedit

8. Backpack-saddle combo


Source: Trekaroo

9. The Amazon Fire HD tablet


Source: PC Mag

10. Nightlight-water cup combo

That’s a lot of combos.


Source: YouTube

11. GPS backpack clip


Source: Jeremy Lips | Tom’s Guide

12. Projectors


Source: The Gadget Flow

13. An owl shaped clip that tells bedtime stories and sings lullabies


Source: SnapMunk

14. This silicone toothbrush that’s easy on gums and teeth


Source:Kelly’s Thoughts On Things

15. A slide that folds out over the stairs


Source: Inventor Spot

16. А bed-crib combo


If you’re not exactly the biggest fan of the paraphernalia necessary to be a super-parent, then these gadgets and items will definitely help you out, and they’re a much cooler alternative to the parenting stuff we’re normally used to.

Source: Twitter | @combimatrix

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