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20 Things That You’ll Relate To If You Grew Up In The 90s and 2000s


Growing up in the 90s or the early 2000s was a very interesting experience indeed. For those of you who are part of the newer generation and didn’t experience any of the amazing stuff that went on in that era, let an experienced individual of a ripe old age fill you in.

1. The VMA Awards are always full of drama,

but not even Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift could beat this 2003 moment

20 Things That You'll Relate To If You Grew Up In The 90s and 2000s 1

2. Аt least one of us had an embarrassing Hotmail account

Glad I made mine my first and last name…
20 Things That You'll Relate To If You Grew Up In The 90s and 2000s 2

3. All you kids with your fancy Moto Z with detachable accessories

This was the Moto back in our day, and it was the tits!


4. Items at Abercrombie & Fitch had a musk that wouldn’t wash away

Who has fond (ahem) memories of this item?


5. These over-the-shoulder bags were everywhere


6. We didn’t have Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook back then

We had a little gift sent from God (or Satan, depending on your perspective) called MySpace.


7. Unless you study French,

you probably don’t know the meaning of “voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”


8. I miss dedicated music devices like the iPod

I actually had a second gen Touch at one point in the past. Shame they were all recently killed off. If you have one of the originals, get to selling them, they’re catching some insane prices!


9. And of course, the iPod car transmitter

Like this one, aptly called iTrip.


10. Napoleon Dynamite was pretty funny back then


11. People used to quote Mean Girls

It was hilarious!


12. We were forced to use Internet Explorer

Something which I speculate to be coded by Satan himself.


13. Remember when Tobey Maguire was Spiderman?


14. The Sims was the best family simulator out there

I remember creating Sims and then killing them on purpose, dozens upon dozens of times.


15. A common question

How many songs could you fit on a CD?


16. …And tragically failing to burn that CD when the time came


17. LimeWire was the go-to app for downloading music

Does anyone still use this?


18. There was also, of course, Napster


19. Everybody knew the answer to “what’s cooler than being cool?”


20. We knew the whole lyrics to Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl


Remember, guys?

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