What Are The Things That We As Humans Cannot See

What Are The Things That We As Humans Cannot See?


Is there anything that the human eye cannot see? If so, what would that be?

With barely two years of being a YouTube channel, TheTalko attracted sizeable crowds with their lifestyle, relationships and videos about random occurrences.

In this video, the editor over at TheTalko made a compilation of 10 things the human eye cannot see.


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Men contribute to making babies with sperm. During the process of conception, the egg is visible to the human eye, but sperm isn’t. That’s because the tiniest objects we can see with our eyes are 0.1 millimeters. Sperm comes in at about 0.05 millimeters

2. Paramecium

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The single-celled organism called paramecium can be found in freshwater and marine environment. You will not be able to see them with the naked eye. They are 50 micrometers small, the equivalent of 0.002 inches.

3. UV Light

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Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. Birds and bees can actually see UV light with no problem, but humans can’t. You’ll only be able to feel it after staying out in the sun for too long. However, you know what else you can actually see with the help of UV light? Sperm!

4. Infrared

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The red, orange and yellow lights are on a different wavelength that isn’t visible to the human eye. Thermal imaging devices enable humans to see the infrared light.

5. Black Holes

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We are aware of black holes existing in outer space, but none has actually seen them. A black hole is a region that has a gravitational field so intense that nothing can escape it, not even light! Scientists are able to pinpoint the location of a black hole by locating gas and dust that’s been sucked into it.

6. Ghosts

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Many people report that they have either felt or seen a ghost in their near vicinity. Literary tradition, cinema and pop-culture are filled with references to ghosts, however, nobody ever was able to capture a photograph of a ghost.

7. Air

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We feel air all around us and are aware of it since it’s the primary thing that keeps us alive, but no one’s ever been able to see air. Air is made of nitrogen and oxygen and these two elements are invisible and colorless.

8. Spinning Objects

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The Wagon-Wheel Effect it’s an optical illusion that tricks our eyes into seeing the spinning blades of a fan blend together and move in the opposite direction. That is so because our eyes cannot register objects moving at that speed.

9. Radiation

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Humans can only see within the range of 300-730 nanometer wavelengths. We are not able to see radio waves. They are responsible for transmitting data in satellites, cell phones and computer networks.

10. Skin Mites

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Are you acquainted with the skin mites? Mind you, skin mites are not an infection, but an infestation. Right at this moment, you have a bunch of tiny, microscopic skin mites crawling all over your face. Please rest assured! These skin mites are normal and they are completely harmless! I can tell you I am glad as hell I am not able to see those!


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