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Fifteen Things You Need To Know Before You Visit China


Ah, China. The home of great culture, delicious food and fake products.

Okay, jokes aside, China is an amazing country, and I bet a lot of you want to visit it, just to see how interesting it all is. Well, here are a few strange things you need to know before you go there.

1. Plan it out

Be sure you know your dates for this country. They don’t usually have a state sanctioned holiday, but when they do, it can get pretty heated up.

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2. Choose dates accordingly…

Check your dates twice to avoid the hassle you might face during the national holidays.

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3. The transport

While the public transport system in China is swift and efficient, much like some other countries, the machines where you pay don’t return change, so you need to pay the exact amount of cash. The buses and services are also frequently halt early at night.


4. No keeping change

Waiters don’t accept tips in China, so if you go to dine at a restaurant, you gotta pay the exact price.


5. Meal times

If someone in China offers you a meal, they’ll offer to pay you and vice versa, and they also have fixed times for their meals so book your seats before these times to make sure that you fulfill the schedule and someone else doesn’t book them before you.


6. The language

You’d be hard pressed to find a person in China that speaks English, and even if you do want to learn Chinese, you need to master one of the many accents. The best way is to use sign language, download an app that will record what they’re saying and play it back to you in your language and vice versa, or purchase a dedicated device that will do that.


7. No Google or Facebook

Unless you’re skilled with technology and know how to set up a VPN, you won’t be able to share your visit with your friends, because YouTube and Facebook services are completely blocked in China. I don’t know about Snapchat, but if that’s blocked too, be prepared for all of your friends to gang up you because you lost your Snapstreak when you get back…


8. Kindhearted

The people in China are amazingly kind. They are always ready to help out, but even this can have its own setbacks.


9. It is possible to restore your virginity in China

Yes, really. Women pay hundreds on plastic surgery to restore their hymens before their wedding night to restore their virginity. And you thought those people going out of their way to look like someone else or dolls were crazy…


10. Some Chinese police use geese instead of police dogs.

According the Chinese authorities , geese have great vision and can be aggressive, making them a great alternative to a police dog.


11. You can’t have kids until the government lets you.

Couples in China have to apply for and be approved a Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the wife falls pregnant.


12. They have a festival dedicated to eating dogs

Depending on the type of person you are, this might put you off China completely. As far as I’m concerned, it’s awful and heartless.


13. You can hire someone to help you avoid traffic.

Yep, in an incredible act of kindness, there’s a service in China you can call upon which a person on a motorcycle will come and pick you up to put you out of a traffic jam.


14. Some 35 million Chinese people still live in caves.

In his book “Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China”, Paul Theroux writes, ”There is no government program to remove these troglodytes, but there is a scheme to give them better caves. It seemed to me a kind of lateral thinking. Why rehouse or resettle these cave-dwellers? The logical solution was to improve their caves. That was very Chinese.”


15. Chinese researchers wear panda suits to fool cubs

Workers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda dress up in panda suits when they go to do their thing so that panda cubs in the wild wouldn’t be threatened.


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