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17 Things Most Women Do That Really Test Men’s Patience


The things we do can’t be to everyone’s taste. Sometimes, we tend to do things that in our mind are fine, but we don’t realize that they’re making whoever’s with us mad. One example of this is the many things women do that really put men’s patience to the test. Here are 17 such things.

1. Taking unnecessarily long to get ready

What most boys don’t understand is that in the world of women, getting ready isn’t just getting dressed, putting on a watch and some cologne and leaving. We need to put on a bra, then we need to do our makeup, then it’s time for accessories. Oh and the clothes? Yeah, unless we’re operating on the wardrobe capsule method, it takes that much longer to decide what we’re going to wear that day.

General consensus is, women take forever to get ready, and guys aren’t particularly fond of that.

Taking longer than them to get ready

2. Having to stop off at places all the time to pee

It’s a more… social event for the girls.

3. Talking while watching a movie

“Oh my God, look what she did. I can’t believe this is happening right now. She did not do that. Oh my God, you know what’s gonna happen later, right? No way, he did not just do that.”

All girls are guilty are guilty of at least a couple of these blunts slipping through their mouth while watching a movie, which makes the experience a bit of a faff.

Talking throughout a movie

4. Asking questions. A lot of questions

95% of women can quite easily become police inspectors without any kind of training.

There’s a reason why my grandma isn’t named “Grandma” in my cell phone contacts list.

Asking too many questions

5. Asking stupid questions

While all of us ladies are generally super-wise OF COURSE, sometimes we do tend to ask something… silly.

Asking things like “why’s this there?”

6. Wearing something that’s a bit short

It’s neither here nor there. Yes, they’re proud for having a super-hot girl, but some are apparently bothered that everyone else wants to have her. Whaddaya know.

7. Lying about how long it takes us to get ready

Guys, don’t trust a woman that says she’ll be ready in five minutes. That could easily mean anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

7. Lying about how long we’re going to be to get ready

8. Moaning about having nothing to wear

Their closet could be quite literally full and everything inside could be different, but they’ll still moan about having nothing to wear.

Moaning about having nothing to wear

9. Indecisive about ordering food

You’ll have to wait a while.

Being indecisive about food

10. Saying ‘I’m fine’ when you’re not

They can be in the most depressed state you could ever imagine, but they’ll hide it from you and they’ll say “I’m fine”.

11. Going quiet

And then there’s the major one. When a girl goes really quiet, that should be a major sign that you’ve annoyed her. Leave her alone for a bit. Go play some games or take a drive and then come back. You can’t win, though. Sooner or later she will be annoyed that you didn’t ask what’s wrong. Brace yourself.

Going quiet when you’re annoyed

12. They’re really annoyed when they don’t get invited somewhere

You’re going out to the ball game with your friends, but your girl doesn’t get to come? Prepare for saltiness. A lot of saltiness.

Being annoyed when somebody doesn’t invite you somewhere

13. She likes to bring up stuff that happened in the past

“That’s enough, now” *covers her lips*

Bringing things up from the past

14. Jealous of other girls

Be careful when you’re out with your girl and you go to greet a long time friend that also happens to be a girl. Your girl will turn cynical within a blink of an eye.

15. Moaning about being tired

Might as well cover your ears at this point, guys.

Being tired, or moaning about how tired you are

16. Self-conscious

“Ugh, look at this tiny, insignificant piece of extra fat here. Ugh, I don’t have a thigh gap. Ugh, I have a belly”

Most girls are guilty of saying these things too, and in most cases it’s girls that have perfectly fine bodies. Girls, stop feeling so self-conscious about your appearance. You’re beautiful regardless of how you look!


17. Relationship comparison

“I mean, we’re cute and all, but I just wish we were a bit more like Katie and Gary.”

This is the sentence that would arguably make most guys flip the table and run off.

Comparing your relationship to other peoples’

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