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Things You Are Doing Wrong When Taking A Shower


All of us try to take care of our hair and skin in the best way possible. You might think you are doing everything right but are you really sure? There are actually lots of mistakes you could be making while taking a shower. Watch all the hacks and tricks you need to know on how to avoid them.
Here is a short list for you:

1. Taking hot showers:

Actually, hot water can really weaken the skin barrier and also dry out the skin by stripping the natural oils and increasing the generalized itching of the skin. So keep it in at a warm temperature for  healthy and glowing skin.



2. Showering for too long:

The perfect time to stay in the shower is 10 minutes. Long showers strip the moisture off your skin.


3. Using body washes that give more lather:

Surfactant is the chemical that is the main cause of lather; it attracts both water and oil.


4.Leaving soap over your body:

We know it happens all the time getting out of shower with soap over your body.


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