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When you think you are getting a prom dress but…


Juliet Jacoby, 17-year-old  junior at Douglas County High School in Colorado learned her lesson never o trust cheap websites. While planning her prom styling her mother  convinced her to order  red  prom dress online and turned her life into a nightmare. Instead of buying a pricey red dress for $149 Juliet liked her mother found  an alternative solution. Online on the RoseGal.com the same “Noble ruffled collar long sleeve ” dress was available for $35 at the time.

She was told that she will receive in one week, instead, this excited girl had to wait for two weeks. Only seven days before her prom she received the package and her excitement turned into disappointment.

“When I opened the package, I gasped and was shocked by how ugly it was. I cursed a little, and I was floored on how it looked nothing like the picture I saw!” Juliet said. “I FaceTimed my friend and she laughed because it was so ugly.”

It was her friend who helped her to make te pictures and tweet them,  And on the picture the dress, she is wearing is nothing like the  extravagant gown she hoped for.  the dress looks like cheap shiny red Halloween costume.

“I tried the dress on and the zipper was broken,” she said. “I waited in front of the garage door to see what my mom’s reaction was, and all she did was stand there with the most shocked face for about five seconds, then burst out laughing.”

Juliet wasn’t wearing this ” piece of a satan Halloween costume stitched to hairnets” as described by her shocked followers. She had a feeling that something can go wrong with an online order so, she bought herself a backup dress.


Sadly this is not the only case of an online scam. Many have been disappointed with their orders. The lesson which hast to be learned is that there are websites which are stealing pictures. The low price can be indicator that you will not get what you think.

Source:Juliet Jacoby

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