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16 Things All Girls Do Before They Go To Sleep


While a lot of women might not tell you, and you don’t have to be embarrassed about admitting them yourself, we do a lot of things before going to bed at night.

There are 16 of them here, some normal, some… not so much. Which ones do you do?

1. Take a shower

After a long, tiring day it’s time to take a shower. Except, it lasts a lot longer than we might expect.

Take a shower

2. Your horrifying post-shower makeup

How did it get to this state?

 Get out of the shower and see the horrifying state of your makeup

3. Telling all your friends that you’re going for an early night

Tell everyone you know that you’re getting an early night

4. Popping a few zits

Hopefully you don’t end up like Meg.

Start popping those spots

5. Move on to blackheads

Zits and spots are nothing compared to blackheads. And the time spent on them!

Move on to blackhead town

6. Cover yourself in toothpaste

If your squeezing and popping doesn’t really work.

Cover yourself in zit-fighting toothpaste

7. Bedtime bun

Every girl does this.

Put on your bedtime bun

8. Pajamas

Of course, one of the major parts of bedtime is donning your favorite pajamas. Or onesie, if that’s more your thing.

Pajama time

9. No more snacks, brush your teeth

Except the day is not over yet…

Tell yourself you’re done snacking, brush your teeth and then…

10. One alarm is never enough

Set about a million alarms

11. Put your phone away from you, as far as possible

Nothing will stop you from getting it back if you get a text, though.

 Put your phone as far away from you as possible

12. This is apparently a thing

Double check you’ve set your alarms… and whether anyone’s messaged you!

13. Checking all of your social media accounts just one last time

14. Tweet before bed and wait for the likes to roll in

Write an amazing tweet and wait for the likes to pour in

15. Then get depressed because no one is caring about your tweet

I feel you. Come here and I’ll give you a hug.

Sulk because nobody liked your tweet after all

16. Finally get ready to go to sleep

Finally get ready to go to sleep

It was elaborate and tough to prepare, but here we are.

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