Third Time's A Charm For Lottery Playing Canadian Couple

Third Time’s A Charm For Lottery Playing Canadian Couple


Third time’s a charm I guess! If you haven’t already won the two times before. If you do have, then it is a hat trick.

An Edmonton, Alberta couple did just that. They have now officially won the lottery three subsequent times in the span of twenty-something years.

Barbara and Douglas Fink had been playing the lottery since sometime before 1989, when Douglas first won $128,000 with some friends. The couple cashed in another $100,000 in 2010. So, I am assuming they must have lived a comfortable life in the last 20 years. Maybe bought a house by the ocean, maybe bought a dog, maybe a car…


It’s not seldom that I think of winning the lottery. I know exactly what I am going to buy for myself. However, I will first pay out my student loan. Then maybe buy a condo in Chicago. Buy a couple of Louboutins. Maybe open a perfume shop. Maybe deal with vintage furniture…

But I digress!

The last snatch that the couple got on the lottery is a whopping 8 million dollars! Yes. Eight millions of Canadian dollars. Cash money!

Mrs. Fink was the one to discover they were the winners. Her husband was on a business trip.

“He didn’t answer, so I waited five minutes and tried again,” she says. “That time, he picked up. I said, ‘I did it again!'”

They said that they were planning on doing some traveling as well as buying a house. “Barbara wants a new house, so she’ll get one,” Mr. Fink told the lotto corporation.

However, most of the money they will use to help their children and grandchildren.

“Family comes first,” said Mrs. Fink. “We want to make sure that our daughters and our grandkids are looked after.”

In this day and age, that’s truly a right thing to do. And having won it two times before…. Why not?


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