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Thirteen Touch-up Tips for your Home


Follow these quick and easy touch-ups for your home. Repair, cover, clean or hide instead of replacing


Scuffs and stains happen, no matter how careful we are. Take a look at these hacks and find out how to treat them. We also have some super cool space saving ideas too.

  1. Scrapes and Scratches

Get rid of those ugly scratches easily with a stain-filled touch-up pen. Cover the scratch and clean off with a cloth



  1. Cleaning that Bunged-up Shower Head

To clean a shower head, fill a sandwich bag with distilled white vinegar and three to four drops of lemon juice. Submerge the shower head in the bag. Leave overnight and give it a quick wipe in the morning.

2.Restore Free Flow to Your Showerhead


  1. New-look Kitchen Cabinets

Always use a hard-wearing oil-based paint for cabinets and their surrounds. Cupboards and draws can take a lot of abuse, so the tougher the better!

3.Painting Kitchen Cabinets


  1. Chipped Enamel on White Goods

Using a matching colour of epoxy paint dab on several layers for an even finish

4.Appliance Touch-up Paint


  1. Wood Scratches

Minor scratches in wood and stained wood can be repaired by using a stain marker

5.Stain Markers


  1. Under Sink Stains

Using easy to lay, self-adhesive tiles will give the cabinet a fresh look

6.Under-Cabinet Cleanup


  1. Utilise the Space above the Doors

These space saving ideas are a must!

7.Above-the-Door Shelves


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