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Awesome Gift Wrapping Technique


Learn to wrap your iregular present without spending extra on assorted gift bags, hiring a pro, or the classic move of sticking a bow on it. Guest and wrapper extraordinaire Amy Goodman stopped by The Meredith Vieira Show to share a simple technique for those who aren’t the greatest at giftwrapping.

Custom Gift Bag


* Roll of wrapping paper

* Tape

* Scissors


  •  Cut the Paper

Unroll your wrapping paper and set your gift in the center. Bring the seam to the gift’s middle point and extend the roll about three to four inches over the midpoint of the gift. Finally, you have to cut the paper off the roll in a straight line to fit the size of your gift.

  • Fold and Tape


You have to fold the  edge of the gift wrap to the middle with a little bit of overlap. Tape the seam vertically, from top to bottom.

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