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This Crafty Woman Made Her Own Wedding Dress!

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DIY is probably the best trend we’ve had these past few years. Why? Because a girl was so inspired (and so crafty) she managed to make her own wedding dress!

She wanted to be able to say she made her own dress, and what inspired her more was the fact that the one she liked cost $3000!

So she took matters into her own hands, literally, and just look at what she made.

First, she saw a Youtube video of how to make a mannequin form of her body.


The mystery here is how she got out of it, but okay. Her fiance helped her, and because she taped her chest a little too flat, she added a bra to increase bust size.


mock dress is made out of pattern paper that you can sew. It saves the material and eliminates mistakes.


For the underlay, she used a cheap cotton fabric. And it looks great so far.


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