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Lady Thought She Was 30 Weeks Pregnant, When Doctors Discovered Massive Cyst


There are so many surprises in life, and many of them are not quite the nicest ones. When it comes to diseases or other health issues, finding out something was not what you thought it was is devastating. Luckily, there are cases like this woman who warn other people about health issues like these. Not all people are so lucky like her. Kirsty Butler, 22, and her boyfriend Celern, 21, were thrilled to discover she was pregnant after taking a home test. But when they thought she was too far in her pregnancy because her bump was growing extremely fast, the doctors told her it’s not what it looks like. Why was the bump growing so fast?

Kirsty Butler had a positive pregnancy test and was amazed to be told soon after by doctors that she was 30 weeks along.


She thought she was only 6 weeks gone, but her stomach ballooned to four times its normal size!


Sadly, an ultrasound revealed that Kirsty, from Swansea, was not that far in her pregnancy after all.


Her huge bump was, in fact, a 30cm by 20cm ovarian cyst ravaging her womb.


Kirsty was devastated to find out that her tiny baby was suffering in her massive womb. She urgently needed life-saving surgery.


When she saw the photos of her massive cyst, she was shocked!


Despite doctors’ best efforts to save her baby, Kirsty had a miscarriage at 11 weeks.

‘My baby had been overcome by the huge cyst, I was heartbroken,’ she says.


Kirsty and her boyfriend Celern were devastated by the miscarriage, but they will try to have another baby soon, hopefully.

The doctors actually told Kirsty that the cyst could be deadly, but she decided to wait until she was 11 weeks pregnant to have the operation. But then just before her surgery in August last year, she was told the heart-breaking news.


In the photos, you can see how the cyst made her look heavily pregnant.


Doctors removed her benign cyst in the operation last August.After six weeks in hospital, she was finally allowed home and is now sharing her story to raise awareness of ovarian cysts.

She claims:

‘I was lucky my cyst was benign but I had to have my ovary removed as it has been crushed,’ she explained.

‘If it had been left any longer it could have started to crush my organs.’

Here are some symptoms of having an ovarian cyst:

An ovarian cyst actually causes symptoms if it ruptures, is very large, or blocks the blood supply to the ovaries.

You might experience:

Pelvic pain
Pain during sex
Difficulty emptying your bowels
A frequent need to urinate
Heavy periods, irregular periods or lighter periods than normal
Bloating and a swollen tummy
Feeling very full after eating a little
Difficulty getting pregnant – although fertility is unaffected in most women with ovarian cysts

Source: NHS Choices

Kirsty says that she and Celern hope to try to start a family in the near future.

‘I’ll just be extra cautious next time my stomach starts to swell,’ she says.


The couple are also happy to discover that fertility tests show she should be able to conceive again.


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