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This Pregnancy Photo Was Photobombed By Someone Who Lives In The Ocean

Pregnancy Photo Was Photobombed

We all know the pleasant and not-so-pleasant stuff that comes when a woman is pregnant. The latter, like possible prenatal depression, morning sickness and all the rest of it, are all ironed out by the good stuff. And lately, so many women make the best of their pregnancy freshness by immortalizing it with pregnancy photos. n

Dad-to-be Dan Mozer decided to take his wife to the Atlantic Beach near Jacksonville Florida. They went to take some pregnancy pictures, as any couple would, to keep some lovely memories.

However, when they saw what was in the photo, they realized that it was a once in a lifetime shot.

How, exactly? Well, Dan took the picture with the beach waves in the background, like he normally would, but then he saw that a dolphin blasted out of the water in a beautiful arc at the exact moment Dan snapped the picture.


He captured the dolphin perfectly. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, as Dan knew there were dolphins in the area, but he never expected to catch one mid-flight in the pregnancy photo.

“When I took it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she totally missed it.” Dan was amazed.
Dan and Angeline credit their unborn son Courtland for the dolphin. They know the baby is lucky so he must have attracted the animal somehow.

Dan and Angeline have given credit where credit’s due to their now 1-year-old son Courtland for the dolphin appearing in the picture. Courtland was born on January 27, 2016.

They joke that Courtland was summoning dolphins from his mother’s womb.

“Someone started yelling to us that there were dolphins, and we could see their dorsal fins,” Dan Mozer, 31, told Yahoo Parenting. “It really wasn’t random. We saw their fins and I was waiting for them. I had set my camera on ‘burst,’ so there’s a series of three.”

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best,” Dan says, laughing. “How quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”

Pregnancy Photo Was Photobombed

People on Facebook loved it. A user named Terry Ennis Marvel said: “I have to stop looking at these pictures. I start crying every time.”

Don’t we all?

Even though Courtland seems to be a dolphin whisperer, Dan was perfectly clear “And, no, we’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn.”

Taking maternity photos is a wonderful experience, but what the Mozer family caught on camera is something that Courtland is definitely going to love when he’s older.

Tell us in the comments about your reactions to this amazing story. Has a fish ever photobombed your pregnancy photos?


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