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Missy Sue’s Three Easy Gym Hairstyles

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The gym is an important stop in the journey of an active person.

A lot of people go to the gym to stay fit, and also to build muscle. I bet 99% of you who are reading this have a gym membership, and you go to the gym whenever you can. Or don’t. You just have that gym membership, the card sitting in your wallet, quietly judging you.

Of course, the gym is not exactly a place where we need to be conscious of our appearance. I mean, yeah, we can’t work out in our favorite jeans and jumpers, but we don’t have to, say, wear makeup while we’re at the gym. We can just arrive looking like we just woke up, because, if you don’t know, the gym is a place where no one can judge you.

And no one should dare judge you for wearing makeup, or having a good hairstyle in the gym either, so that’s why we brought a video by Missy Sue here.

I’ll admit that these are maybe just a bit overkill for a session at the gym, but if you want to look as good as possible even during a workout, then you should definitely check these out.

Here’s the first one:


And the second one:


And the last one right here


Personally, I wouldn’t do any of this hassle. I’d just tie my hair in a ponytail or a bun and be gone, but hey, that’s just me. For the millions of you who insist on looking neat in the gym like my sister, there’s Missy Sue.

If you liked any of these hairstyles and want to brandish one of them at your next gym session, give the video a watch to see how they’re all done.

All those gym selfies, you guys!

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