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Three Really Useful Clothing Damage Control Hacks


Shrunk? Stuck? Sweaty? We’ve all had these problems with our clothes. Now you don’t need to throw them away – you can fix. Follow the tips below and start wearing your faves again!

What do you do when your favourite jumper shrinks small enough to fit the baby next door? Ever had a stuck zip? This can be a real problem if you are wearing the boots when it gets stuck! Or what about those underarm sweat marks? Not a problem! Follow the instructions below and all your problems will be solved.

  1. Baby shampoo will de-shrink your shrunk clothing!

Use a trusted baby shampoo.

1. Unshrink clothing with baby shampoo


Put a capful of the shampoo to a bowl of hand-hot water. Soak for about half an hour to allow the shampoo into the fabric. This loosens the fibres to allow you to work with it.

Add a capful of baby shampoo to a sink filled with lukewarm water. Let it soak for a few minutes to ~loosen da fibers~, and then gently squeeze out without rinsing.


Spread the jumper on a towel, laid on a flat surface and begin to stretch the jumper back to its original size, this will build your arm muscles as you work! It will take quite a while to dry, so keep coming back to it to give it a further stretch.



Here’s the results!



  1. Make that zip work again

Just use a crayon

2.Free a stuck zipper with a crayon


Rub the crayon on to the teeth, on both sides of the zip, if possible. This could be difficult if your leg is on the inside of the boot! The crayon loosens the zip, allowing it to move freely



  1. Make your sweat stains disappear

Use a panty liner under each arm

3. Hide visible sweat stains with a panty liner


On the inside of the shirt, place a panty liner covering the sweat marks. Wear the shirt as normal (maybe on a day when you’re in the house), after a few hours of wear the stains should be absorbed by the panty liner!

For this hack, you place a panty liner on the inside of the armpit part of the shirt.





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