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Scientists Urge: Get Rid Of Your Loofah Or Suffer The Consequences!


Do you use a loofah? Isn’t it great to have a good scrub in the shower? That feeling of healthy, shiny exfoliated skin? Lotion gliding on perfectly afterwards?

No, the loofah is bad, apparently.

Dermatologists, actually, 98% of them advise us to get rid of loofas as soon as possible.

J. Matthew Knight, from the Knight Dermatology Institute is urging tossing of the shower puffs, because after you use them, the dead skin cells are trapped inside. Ew. As if that isn’t enough, he says that all the moisture remains in there and causes all kinds of bacteria to fester in all those layers, leading to development of yeast and mold. All of this in a matter of hours.


This means, if you’re using a loofah, you’re prone to infections and skin complications. Are you convinced yet? No?

Then the advice is to rinse it excessively, to ensure that all the dead skin is removed and never leave it in the shower, so it can dry properly. Also, make sure you replace it after every couple of months and sniff it ocassionaly, as it may smell bad enough to be thrown even earlier than that.

But how will I exfoliate?

There are so many other scrubbers out there that are a better solution. How about those colorful scrubbing gloves? Slide them on your hands, put a little soap on and scrub away. No layers, and it does the job.


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