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Tiger Cake: An Adorable Surprise For Those Tiger Lovers You Know

Tigar Cake from Cupcakes

Did you know that, when asked about their favorite animal, most people in 73 countries answered: tiger?

Can you blame them?

The tiger is a beautiful creature. A wild, fearsome, carnivore, known for its orange-colored fur with interesting striped patterns and a few white streaks here and there. Of course, you’ve known this since you were five, but it felt good to create that mental image.

We want tigers as pets. Yes, we can handle it, thank you very much… And for all those tiger lovers, dessert can be tiger-themed, you know…

This is Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio’s tiger cake!

Tiger Cake

This is a brilliant idea for your child or friend who loves tigers.

It may seem like a really complicated recipe, but it isn’t, really.

Not only does this cake look like the aforementioned wild kitty on the outside, but thanks to  the different colors of cake batter, it also looks like that on the inside.

Speaking of cake batter, here are the ingredients necessary to make this Siberian confectionery.

Tiger Cake 2

The psychedelic orange and black stuff is just some cake batter with a little bit of food coloring.

You’ll also need marshmallows, white colored batter and several different colors of icing to decorate the cake.

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest and most unique recipes I’ve ever written about. If you think so too, let us know in the comments, and give the video a watch to see how you can prepare this cake yourself!

Source:Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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