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Sportstar Tim Tebow Gives Thousands The Prom Night They Never Had

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Timothy Richard Tebow is a sporting phenomenon. After a successful football career in the National Football League with teams such as the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets, he successfully became a professional baseball player. In September, 2016 he signed a contract with the New York Mets despite not having played baseball since high school.

What is even more phenomenal is Tim Tebow the person. He was born in the Philippines where his parents used to work as Baptist missionaries and built a ministry. Tim’s mother had a very difficult pregnancy with a high chance of stillbirth. Abortion was strongly recommended, but his parents decided against it and Tim was born a healthy, happy baby.

Perhaps this has played a part of Tim’s lifelong assistance to the less fortunate. Already during his college career, he was running a charity organization helping the Philippines and his Tebow Foundation has been involved in extensive charity work both domestically and abroad.

In 2015, Tebow started an event called Night to Shine aimed at giving people with special needs the Prom night they never had.

Tebow personally welcomes every participant upon arrival and walks them down the red carpet with amicable paparazzi lining the sides. Once inside they receive the full makeup and hair treatment, corsages and boutonnieres, while the guys’ shoes are being shined


The night is a bundle of fun with a lot of dancing, karaoke singing and chatting. The highlight comes when all Night to Shine guests are crowned Prom Queens and Kings


Tebow has spoken of the gratification he had gotten back from Night To Shine and how much sharing love with his brothers and sisters means to him


This coming Valentine’s Day, 375 churches in 11 countries will swing their doors wide open for this year’s Prom Queens and Kings

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Tebow has spoken of the pride he feels when he sees how much Night to Shine has grown:

“I’ve been blown away by the incredible growth of the Night to Shine movement,” he said. “It is so awesome to see what happens when churches around the world set aside their individual banners and names to do what I believe the church was called to do, which is simply love God and love people.”

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