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Angelina Decided It’s Time To Move On, Removing All Tattoos Related To Brad!


Remember Brangelina? The most famous couple in the world?

We thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were forever, but all beautiful things must come to an end. Angelina recently filed for divorce from her husband of two years (and partner of much more). As we grieve the demise of one of the most iconic celebrity couples with one of the best portmanteau nicknames of all time, Angelina has shown the world that she is ready to move on. She want’s to remove all tattoos related to him. She has said that she wants to ”erase any negativity” surrounding her and wants to remove all the inkings as soon as possible”, reports

Angie’s tattoos are very symbolic for her. Sadly, not for the first time in her life, she’s thinking of having the procedure reversed,” the source told OK! Magazine.


“This is not the first time she will do this. She wants this to be done as soon as possible, she does not want any negativity surrounding her. Brad, also has a few tattoos related to Angelina ,” the source added.


This is the end of the most famous couple in the world. This is an end of an era!


Source: economictimes.indiatimes

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