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Is it time for a plus-size Disney princess? See this one woman’s argument

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Loey Lane is a social media sensation, she’s gorgeous and she’s honest. The 23 year old vlogger is all over social media promoting fashion, self -love and body confidence.

Her videos explore  a less main stream view of beauty and encourage girls to stop thriving for the unattainable and be happy with who they are.

She’s a huge lover of Disney and last October she posted a video of her on a beach wearing an Ariel inspired bikini. This simple statement led to an interesting conversation in the comments where followers speculated on the possibility of a plus-sized princess.

In March, Loey Lane responded to these comments with a personal monologue explaining how she never played princesses with her friends as she felt they didn’t reflect her and she couldn’t identify with them.

She commends Disney for the diversity they are now bringing to their movies, with different ethnicities and stronger female characters, but wonders is not time to capitalize on that diversity and bring princesses with different body shapes. Bigger body shapes are usually reserved for villains who are rarely idolized by young girls which further propagates body shaming.




She remembers a trip to Disney when she was a young girl and they all got to rename themselves after princesses. She immediately wrote Ariel on her name tag, but before she put it on her chest, someone vandalised it and wrote Ursula instead. The very fact that this has stayed with her shows how hurtful a childhood experience that was. 

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