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16 Amazing Time-Saving Life Hacks For Lazy Girls


Not every girl has the time, or the patience, or the strength of will to go the long way about doing everyday things and chores. So, for those of us who are a bit lazy, or just can’t be bothered to put too much effort, here are a few life hacks, compiled by Diply, that will help you achieve the desired result twice as fast and with half the hassle.

1. Revive your old eye-liner

If your old eye-liner isn’t good anymore, you don’t need to buy a new one yet! You can prolong its life with this simple hack!


Source: Pinterest | topvideos2017 | 9Gag

2. Socks for the win!

You can turn that pair of fuzzy socks you never wear anyway into reusable swiffer cloths. Simply pull the sock over the swiffer base, and there you have an alternate way of cleaning your apartment floor!


Source: An English Accent

3. Give your makeup sponge a much needed scrub

You have probably waited too long to clean your beauty blender. It’s just too much work! Not if you do it this way. Put some dish soap, water, and the sponge in a mug. Put it in the microwave for a minute and it will come out squeaky clean!


Source: Twitter | @LozzaMannn

4. Give your ponytail more volume

Use a hair clip to make your updo look fuller in just two minutes. Very easy and unnoticable!


Source: Artzy Creations

5. Keep nail polish off your fingers

You never need to deal with messy fingers ever again. Put some glue around the nail before painting. After you have applied the nail polish wait for it to dry, and then peel off the glue.


Source: YouTube

6. Clean our your flat iron

A lot of product and grease tend to accumulate on the flat iron. But they can be easily removed by using a Magic Eraser. No need to spend more money on a new one!


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7. Mask your roots

You need to cover those roots but you don’t have time to dye your hair? No problem! Use some eyeshadow or bronzer the same shade as your hair! It will work wonders in a pinch!


Source: Madison Reed

8. A dazzling smile

You can easily whiten your teeth with this DIY solution. You just need two ingredients: lemon and baking soda. Might not taste great, but the results are clearly visible.


Source: Pinterest | krazygirl4

9. Two in one

Save some moiney by converting your makeup brush into a fan brush with a bobby pin! Why buy two separate brushes when you can spend your money on other things.


Source: Pinterest | itsallabtmakeup

10. Create nail art

If you want a polka dot design on your nails, but you don’t have a dotting tool, don’t worry. Just use a bobby pin. The only other thing you need is steady hands.


Source: Pinterest | shelwilson05 | gurl

11. Scrub your body

Make your own body scrub with ingredients you already own! If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can add some essetial oils, or use coconut oil instead of olive oil. Your skin will feel silky smooth!


Source: Pinterest | lilliebn45

12. French manicure

We know that scotch tape hack doesn’t work at all. But this one does. Use a rubber band to make your french tips as thin or as thick as you like!


Source: Minq

13. Free of charge

Did you know that placing a dryer sheet on your hairbrush will prevent the static? As an added bonus, it will make cleaning your brush so much easier! Win-win! You can even use a scented dryer sheet for extra freshness.


Source: Pinterest | goofballmommy | Listoic

14. Perfect eye makeup

No more re-doing you eye makeup! Use a credit card to create the perfect winged liner. Simply beautiful!


Source: Pinterest | annaschmidt979

15. Remove nail polish

You will never make a mess every time you try to remove a dark nail polish! With this hack the torturous process becomes fast and painless. And no more piles of used cotton balls.


Source: Pinterest | YSPdotcom | Like a Lady

16. Clean your sneakers

This DIY sneaker stain remover can be prepared with ingredients already in your home. And even if you don’t already own them, they’re really cheap! Your sneaker will be gleaming white in no time!


Source: Pinterest | pea2994

Do you know any other very helpful and time-saving life hacks? Tell us in the comments!

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