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16 Times You’ll Wonder, “Not Sure If Stupid Or Genius”


Not all ideas are good, but whether they are bad or not doesn’t matter. What’s important is, do they work? Because every once in a while you end up in a situation where you just need a solution. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, or clever, or even logical, just your run-of-the-mill solution that will simply do the job. What situation would require such a thing, you wonder? Oh, the examples are endless: you need to fix something but you’re short on time; you need to do something but don’t have the key ingredient; you just can’t be bothered to do the thing yourself; and, my personal favorite, you’re basically a really strange individual.

Diply compiled a list of people who had ideas. You decide how to describe them. Let’s have a look.

1. Potato!

A hole in your sock is no match for the mighty marker! Just paint your nail! Go on, do it! No-one will notice, don’t worry.


Source: Reddit | Supervarken_

2. YOLO: You Obviously Love Oreos

This sounds delicious. Just don’t forget to do it with the speed of light so the Oreos don’t get mushy.


Source: Twitter | @K7Angela

3. No time Toulouse

When you’re in a hurry to finish your lollipop, just use a drill. You don’t need teeth anyway.


Source: Imgur | breguet

4. Here kitty kitty kitty

I’m all for managing and delegating, but maybe a cat isn’t the best suited for this job?


Source: Reddit | BillGoats

5. Tea for me, please

Mmm, nothing like fresh coffee to wake you up in the morning. Just spill it all over your hand while fumbling for the alarm clock. You’ll be out of bed in a second.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

6. Love a man who smells of fresh oil-penetrating spray

There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere…


Source: Reddit | to3cutter

7. It’s seen things…

When you want to feel like a top-of-the-food-chain, dangerous, vicious predator, but you’re vegetarian…


Source: The Chive

8. Must have mustard!

They should have these all-mustard vending machines on every corner. I always feel there isn’t enough mustard readily available in the world…


Source: Reddit | sterereo

9. When you gotta go, you gotta go

But why bother cutting it? Wouldn’t it work anyway?


Source: Reddit | kraven420

10. Need a hand with that?

When you just want to finally find out what it feels like to hold hands.


Source: The Chive

11. Manners maketh the man

A true gentleman is always prepared for any strained situation.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

12. Praise the Lord Colander

Straining to think of something here…


Source: Imgur | kittydetonator

13. Must be Canadian

An important thing to keep in mind while handing out these not-at-all passive-aggressive cards: be stealthy. The whole passive bit will go out the window if they see you.


Source: Reddit | FourToedCreed

14. It’s gonna be shocking

Eventually, the tower will fall, and all will be lost.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

15. The gym is overrated

Perfect abs in only 5 seconds! Just follow these easy steps. And stop screaming like a little girl.


Source: Reddit | amyrajk

16. A horse, of course

If only you could apply this technique as a human…


Source: Reddit | FlaccidBarnacle
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