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11 Things You Should Pay Attention To When Curling Your Hair


Curly hair looks so pretty, doesn’t it? Especially if your hair is naturally straight. So it’s great to shake things up a bit, and curl your hair before going for a night out. However, it’s not as simple as it may seem. Lots of girls make mistakes which sometimes can have disastrous consequences. Here’s a list of things you should pay more attention to, if you want those perfect curls.

1. Do some research

Don’t just buy the cheapest curling iron you find. Make sure you do some research and find a quality brand. This is important, because the uneven distribution of heat from the curling iron can result in damaged hair.

Mistake #1: You don't research hot tools

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2. Protect your hair

I know, I know, the list of things you have to do to have great hair is already very long, but we just have to add one more thing. Minimize the heat damage to your hair by using a heat protectant spray. Trust me, it’s worth the trouble.

Mistake #2: You aren't protecting your hair

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3. Make sure your hair isn’t wet

Sure, you are in a hurry. But curling your hair when wet will seriously damage it. Take a few more minutes to dry it first, otherwise you’ll get hair breakage and split ends.

Mistake #3: You're curling your hair when it's too wet

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4. Don’t clamp the ends

Make sure you leave an inch or two of hair off from the curling iron. Looks more natural that way.


5. Pay attention to the direction

Be careful not to curl your hair in the wrong direction. Curl the hair in the front away from your face.


6. Change the direction

Don’t curl all of your hair in the same direction. Curl some of it towards your face, and some the opposite way.


7. Brush out your curls

You want beautiful, loose waves of hair? Well then, after you’re done curling, make sure brush out your curls.

Mistake #7: You're not brushing out your curls after

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8. Check the heat setting

Different hair types can be curled at different temperatures. For example, if your hair is fine, then use the low heat setting (less than 200 degrees): whereas, for thicker hair, it’s okay to use a temperature of 200-300 degrees.

Mistake #8: Beware of the heat setting

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9. Pay attention to the size of the curling wand

A bigger curling wand doesn’t always make for beachier waves. In fact, if your hair is too short, you will have lots of difficulties using a wand that is too big.


If you don’t know which curling iron will work the best for you, then this guide will help you. Also, like we said previosly, relax your tight curls by brushing them!


10. Don’t hold your hair in the curling iron for too long

10 seconds is the maximum time you should hold your hair against the curling iron. Otherwise, you could end up burning off your hair.

Mistake #10: You're holding your hair against the curling iron for too long

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11. Let your curls cool

Don’t touch your curls immediately after you’ve released them from the curling iron. Let them cool off. Instead, move onto the next piece of hair. This way, you make sure your curls have time to set.

Mistake 11: You don't let your curls cool before touching them

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