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11 Simple Tips For Beautiful Nail Art Anyone Can Do


Every girl loves having beautiful nails. All those nail art tutorials make it look so easy! I’m sure a lot of us have tried a few and without satisfying results.

Nail art is gorgeous, but not everyone has the precision it requires. Luckily, there are simple hacks that can be used to make our nails look amazing. You don’t have nail polish remover handy? No problem! You can’t draw with a tiny brush? No problem! You need to remove your acrylic nails? Done and done!

This list, compiled by Diply, will give you some easy tips on how to do your nails. And some bonus related stuff, too.

1. A bandage

You can create adorable designs on your nails by using some bandages. Make a hole in the bandage with a hole puncher, and tape it to your nail. Apply some nail polish on top, wait for it to dry before removing the bandage, and there you go!


Source: Blogspot | Sellz Cute Things

2. No nail polish remover

If you have forgotten your nail polish remover, don’t worry. There are other ways to remove nail polish. One of them is by using some top coat. Any nail polish would do actually. All you need to do is apply some on your nails and wipe it off with a napkin immediately. Repeat until your nails are clean.


Source: Instagram | @mayasola12

3. A tampon

You have already done your nails. Then you look down and realize your toes are still covered in chipped nail polish! You don’t have to ruin your nails to remedy this situation. Just use a tampon, soak it in some remover, and remove the polish from your toenails!


Source: Instagram | @beautybybambii

4. Sugar

Who knew you could use sugar like this? This is lifechanging information.


Source: tumblr | jinxasaurus

5. White polish

You won’t need five layers of nail polish to achieve the shade you wanted anymore! Applying two coats of white polish before using pastel or neon lacquers will make the color stand out immediately.


Source: Pop Sugar | Butter London

6. A staple remover

A staple remover doesn’t remove just staples, it removes acrylic nails as well!


Source: Instagram | @anrl_143

7. Ziplock bag

Make your own nail wraps from ziplock bags. Apply some polish on the plastic and let it dry overnight. Then peel it off carefully, put it on your nails, make sure to remove any air bubbles and any excess polish. Apply a top coat and your manicure is done!


Source: Pop Sugar

8. Coffee sticks

If you want to do your nails using the splatter technique, you don’t have to use your toothbrush. You can use a coffee stick instead!


Source: Instagram | @b_jessica_3

9. Glue

Apply some glue around your fingernails. After the glue has dried, paint your nails. Wait for the polish to dry, then remove the glue, and the excess nail polish, by using a cuticle stick. No more messy fingers!


Source: Hand Make My Day

10. Chinese paint brushes

Don’t waste your money on expensive brushes ordered online! Use these Chinese paint brushes instead! They are perfect for creating nail art.


Source: Simply Nailogical

11. Dedication

You need some dedication to achieve the perfect nails. Getting the right tools and taking your time can be the difference between the following two pictures.


Source: Craft Fail
Main image via Craft Fail
Collages image via 1. Hand Make My Day 2. Instagram / @beautybybambii 3. Pop Sugar
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