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Here Is What The Cast Of ‘Titanic’ Looks Like Today


It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Rose and Jack melted our hearts for the first time. James Cameron’s mega-hit film, Titanic was released on November 18, 1997. The tragic love story, with young stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, resonated with audiences all over the world. And, there was hardly a single person who didn’t shed a tear when the gigantic ship went down in the cold waters of the Atlantic. This movie still remains No. 1 in the hearts and minds of a lot of fans and here is how the cast looks today, courtesy of Colorful Planet. No doubt, time does fly.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio aka Jack Dawson


Everyone fell in love with Leo as the adorable Jack. The movie made him widely popular, however, it did not bring him an Oscar. He finally won the well deserved Academy Award in 2016 for his outstanding performance in the movie Revenant.

2. Kate Winslet aka Rose DeWitt Bukater


The girl who Jack feel madly in love was the posh Rose, portrayed by English actress Kate Winslet. Now she has won several awards, including an Oscar, three British Academy Film Awards, a Grammy Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

3. Kathy Bates aka Molly Brown


The multi-talented Kathleen Doyle Bates has been famous even before her Titanic role as the sassy, straight-talking, socialite and philanthropist Molly Brown who in surviving the disaster earned the moniker ‘Unsinkable’. The Memphis-born actress won an Oscar for her role in Misery, a 1990 Stephen King adaptation, and is still doing amazingly well in both movies and television.

4. Billy Zane aka Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley


Billy was the antagonist in the movie. He portrayed the role of Cal, the jealous fiancé of Rose. After the Titanic, the now 51-year-old was in the movie The Believer as Curtis Zampf and also appeared in several television shows.

5. Frances Fisher aka Ruth DeWitt Bukater


The now 65-year-old actress played Ruth DeWitt Bukater, Rose’s over-protective mother. After Titanic‘s success, Fisher has played a ruthless and strong-willed mother in other movies as well.

6. Bill Paxton aka Brock Lovett


Bill Paxton was one of the big names that rose to fame after Titanic. An interesting fact is that four years after the role, he joined the director James Cameron on an expedition to the actual Titanic. His latest project was the 2017 science fiction movie The Circle.

7. Bernard Hill aka Captain Edward James Smith


In the movie, Hill played British Merchant Navy officer Edward James Smith, the Captain that went down with the ship. Before the Titanic, the Mancunian had only worked successfully on television. Today he is more famous for his character of King Théoden in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

8. Victor Garber aka Thomas Andrews


Garbet, who played Irish businessman and shipbuilder Thomas Andrews has been in some of the most memorable projects of the past four decades. The 68-year-old is currently appearing in The Slap, The Flash, Motive and Web Therapy.

9. Danny Nucci aka Fabrizio


Nucci played Jack’s best friend in the movie. After the Titanic, the actor who was born in Austria and raised in Italy before moving to the US aged seven has been playing the role of Mike Foster in ABC’s family show, The Fosters since 2013.

10. David Warner aka Spicer Lovejoy


The 78-year old actor is known for playing both romantic leads and sinister or villainous characters in movies and TV series. He wasn’t that nice in the Titanic either.

11. Suzy Amis aka Lizzy Calvert


After the success of the movie, Suzy Amis didn’t pursue a career in acting becoming an activist instead. Also, she has been married to James Cameron since 2000.

12. Alexandrea Owens-Sarno aka Cora Cartmell


Remember that 8-years-old little girl who danced with Leo in the film? The one he said is still his best girl? Well, the San Diego native is now 28 and has often spoken of the great times she had with a 22-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio on set.

12. R.I.P. Gloria Stuart – Old Rose


Gloria Stuart played the role of old Rose (Kate Winslet) in the film. She was 87 at that time and became one of the oldest actresses to have received an Oscar nomination. She left this world at the age of 100.

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