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Titanic Kate Winslet Makeup Tutorial


Jackie Wyers is a Canadian makeup artist who creates beauty tutorials inspired by celebrities. She is also a huge Titanic fan. Her main inspiration are pop-culture, TV shows, movies, music videos and red carpet appearances.

She is also a painter and a singer-songwriter and she loves talking to her followers, so make sure you subscribe to her channel. What an inspiring girl, really.

If you are a Titanic fan, this tutorial will show you how you can look like Rose Calvert, as portrayed by Kate Winslet in the famous 1997 movie.

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The best part is, you don’t need a lot of makeup to look like Rose. This minimalistic approach will accentuate your natural beauty and your most prominent features in an early XX century style.

By her own admission, Titanic is one of Jackie’s favorite movies

So if you share the same appreciation you can follow Jackie even further: check out her video where she shows you how to do any of Rose’s hairstyles sported in the film.

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Source:Jackie Wyers

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