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Toddler Accidentally Locked In Mum’s Car Has Fun With Rescuers


Could you imagine your baby being accidentally stuck in your car without you knowing about it? What do you think your kid would do? Are they going to cry or have fun in the car until someone rescues them? Meet the funniest fourteen-month-old toddler who just had the most fun in his mother’s car.

Kirsty Green, the toddler’s mother called rescue services from Cornwall’s Bude Community Fire Station, and they later broke the window and rescued her little one. She called the team a ‘credit to the community’. The chilled-out toddler laughed and waved to the team as they tried to rescue him. The car was locked, and the team had to break its window to enter. Brandon Green seemed to be enjoying this terrible moment for his mom.



The story went like this: the mother Kirsty went out shopping together with her son on Friday. After the shopping, she just finished putting her shopping bags into the boot. Next, all of a sudden, Brandon managed to trap himself inside the car. How did that happen, the mother could not possibly know. Brandon, however, did not start crying but enjoyed the excitement of the situation.

After the incident, Kirsty said: “He’d been in the little child seat of the shopping trolley but it didn’t have any straps, so he kept trying to stand up while I was shopping. “I decided to put him in the back of the car while I was unloading the shopping so he didn’t keep trying to stand up in the trolley.” Brandon had pushed down the central locks inside the car.

Also, Kirsty added: “I was a bit panicky at first, wondering how I was going to get him out, but luckily a few other shoppers quickly came to help me out, and one lady working in Lidl phoned 101.”


Then, the rescue team was on their way to help them.

The crew finally came and began using tools to try and break into the car. However, Brandon picked up a 2p coin and put it in his mouth. Therefore, the team decided to smash the rear driver’s side window, in case the little one choked.


Kirsty was so happy and relieved she could finally get to hug her son. She added in excitement: “They were amazing, and I think just as much as they were keeping Brandon entertained, he was equally making them laugh.”

Brandon seemed to enjoy this fun acquaintance and is probably not shy with strangers. He also suffered no injuries. His mom and Brandon were very lucky!

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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