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These Toilet Sign Boards Around The World Are So Creative


It is very difficult to communicate while traveling when you don’t know the local language. Not only difficult but embarrassing too. Even though finding a toilet in an alien place seems impossible in these cases, fortunately there are signs that come to your rescue.


The pictures below prove that there are so many different ways to say “Men” and “Women” around the world. Check them out!

The Hand And Leg

Here, people can easily see the different by looking at the legs. There is no chance someone could miss this.


Peaches And Banana

Peaches for women and banana for men is such a creative way to display the signs.


Food Signs

Even though this is a little embarrassing, we all know that sausages are for men and eggs for women.


Techno Signs

Sometimes, pictures speak a thousand words and these android depictions will clear everyone’s doubt when it comes to restrooms. Don’t you think?



The positions in which men and women use restrooms can tell it all. And this particular idea is my favorite on the list.


Too Creative

Not everyone might be able to understand it when one is under pressure. The left one is for men and right for women. Still, pretty thoughtful.


Source: fewunknownfacts.

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