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Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray


Name two Hollywood actors out there that the internet loves to death. Tom Hanks and Bill Murray ladies and gentlemen. Both of them are cool older guys with a great sense of humor. Their down to earth attitude and a habit of chilling out with their fans, makes them much cooler than other older guys. Plus, you only have to look at their filmpgraphy to see their appeal.

They both are legends and have starred in classics. Hanks in Big, Toy Story, Forrest Gump while Murray is known for starring in Ghostbusters, Grounhog Day, The Life Aquatic And Lost In Translation.



But it seems like the actors have a lot more in common than either of them realise. An image which has got the whole internet arguing and losing its collective mind. They are both mistaken for each other’s dopplenager. It is like the mess that started about whether that dress was blue and black or white and gold. Only about a million times more intense.

The image was posted way back in May 2013. It was taken in October 2012 and shows a toddler in tears. In it, an older man wearing a waterproof snood is standing behind the boy making a funny face. But the question is, is it Hanks or Murray?

I will let you judge.



It is probably Hanks, or is it Murray? Nah, it is probably Tom Hanks but he looks so much like Murray. Um, Hanks? Murray? Murray? Arrgh!


This even got to the point where the original poster has had to step in and confrim that it is definitely Bill Murray. But then again he looks exactly like Tom Hanks…


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