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Tom Hanks Does Toddlers And Tiaras


Tom Hanks has starred in some of the most serious movies in American history, and then again, we also know him as Woody from Toy Story. If you’ve ever spent 5 minutes, watching Tom be himself, you would’ve realized that he is a hilarious guy in person, and that people who really know him are lucky.

What you’re about to see here is Tom mocking all those pageant shows, especially ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’


He is so epically incredible in this one, the world can’t stop watching. This was of course an evil plan concieved with Jimmy Kimmel’s assitance a few years ago, when he let Jimmy’s cameras come to his home and coached his daughter for an upcoming pageant.

Only Tom would make all of it look the way it looked. *slow clap*

Source:Jimmy Kimmel Live

So, we can see the Hanks family (Sophie really is his daughter), and it’s really quite a family. Tom’s obessison with his daughter winning this pageant is borderline creepy (like some of the parents on Toddlers and Tiaras).

The title of the pageant is Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada, which is soooo clever, and Tom trains with Sophie and even does her makeup for her. Which is called sparkle time.

He also spritzes her with water when she wants to go for a cookie because SWIM SUIT COMPETITION!!!

And of course he’s a classic pageant dad in the end. Just watch the video.


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