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You Will Be Shocked After You See This Method To Grow Tomatoes


Tomatoes originated in Mexico and then spread throughout the world following the Spanish colonization of the America. They are grown widely in temperate climates across the world, with greenhouses allowing their production throughout the year in cooler areas.

But, you probably didn’t know until now that there is another method to grow tomatoes. It is so simple.

After eating, we usually don’t know what to do with the extra stuff that’s left so we trash or compost it. But, don’t do this, if you want to grow tomatoes by yourself and here’s how.

A man didn’t know what to do with his overripe tomatoes and thought about throwing them away. But instead, he discovered a way to use them and result is mind-blowing. He realized that he can make new tomatoes by simply placing them into a pot of soil.

tomatoes 1

It might sound crazy at first but within a week you will grow new ones and be convinced. All you need is soil, a pot and 1 overripe tomato. You’re basically done.

You need to first slice the tomato into four pieces, and place them in a pot of soil. After you do that, sprinkle a little bit of soil on top. One week later, you will begin to see the beautiful seedlings.

tomatoes 2

In time, they will multiply and soon enough you will have a number of delicious tomatoes to eat. To get a look at the whole process, click down below and start growing your own tomatoes today. Self-sufficiency here we come!

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